• While Brazil’s political future hangs in the balance, Petrobras – the state oil company at the center of Brazil’s largest corruption scandal – is also facing great uncertainty.

    May 2 2016 Voces
  • While there is no guarantee that it will produce a better government, Brazilians should have their chance for direct elections.

    Apr 29 2016 Voces
  • While its GDP growth has generally been higher than that of its neighbors, it is not enough to get the country out of poverty. Nicaragua needs to leverage its human capital to the fullest.

    Apr 29 2016 Voces
  • Despite a rigid international legal framework, countries in the Americas have implemented important changes on drug policies over the last five years.

    Apr 27 2016 Voces
  • From the decline of authoritarianism to the evolution of social policies, Latin America has changed enormously over the past 35 years.

    Apr 26 2016
  • At the core of a country’s sovereignty and identity is determining who comes, who stays, and who is eligible for citizenship. Canada is a prime example of a successful migration policy in action.

    Apr 26 2016
  • The legislative session of the lower house that opened the impeachment proceedings against President Dilma Rousseff was missing just one thing: a sense of gravity.

    Apr 23 2016 Voces
  • Faced with limited economic prospects, many Hondurans opt to migrate by any means possible.

    Apr 18 2016 Voces
  • With the first South American Olympics slated to begin in under four months, it is impossible to ignore the harm that the current situation in Brazil is inflicting on the historic occasion.

    Apr 15 2016 Voces
  • Los retornos forzados ponen de manifiesto la urgente necesidad de pensar en maneras para gestionar estos flujos humanos, que no dejarán de ocurrir.

    Apr 1 2016 Voces
  • Not as anticipated as his visit to Cuba, but at least equally important for the future of US-Latin America relations, was President Obama’s trip to Argentina.

    Mar 24 2016 Voces
  • The A4P, which received funding from the United States, consists of four components: reinvigorating the productive sector, investing in human capital, addressing citizen security and strengthening state institutions.

    Mar 16 2016 Voces
  • The results of the 6D elections in Venezuela show a structural transformation of the electorate and pose challenges to the two major political alliances.

    Feb 18 2016 Voces
  • Some of the top energy-related issues in the 2016 US presidential elections have important implications for LAC.

    Feb 17 2016 Voces
  • With the withdrawal of MINUSTAH imminent, Latin America should maintain its commitment to the future of its most troubled country.

    Feb 13 2016 Voces