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Thank you for your interest in joining the Inter-American Dialogue’s growing team! Job opportunities are posted as they become available. Full and part-time internship opportunities are available year-round to undergraduate and graduate students interested in the dynamics of inter-American relations.

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The Dialogue is committed to the professional development of young leaders from around the world. Our internship program has provided students and recent graduates with the training and experience they need to kick-start their careers in the public and private sectors. Past interns have gone on to pursue jobs with a wide variety of international organizations, government bodies, think tanks, consulting firms, and private corporations. Read our intern testimonials here. Interns have expansive duties and play a vital role in the organization’s daily function. In turn, they receive unique exposure to the Washington policy community and unprecedented access to influential leaders from across the Americas. We are happy to work with students if they wish to receive academic credit for their internships from their universities.

DEADLINE: The Summer 2022 application period is closed. 

NOTE: The Summer 2022 Internship Program will be remote. Applicants do not have to be based in DC. Circumstances permitting, interns may have the opportunity to participate in a combined in-person/remote internship at the Dialogue’s DC office. This may be an option later in the semester. However, interns can still choose to continue their internship remotely if they prefer or if they are not based in DC.

For questions, please e-mail 

Interns should:

  • Be enrolled in a college or university as a graduate or undergraduate student or have graduated no more than six months prior to the start of the internship
  • Demonstrate interest in Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Have strong writing and research abilities
  • Be proficient in English and Spanish and/or Portuguese
  • Be available for a minimum of ten 35-hour weeks during the summer or twelve 18-hour weeks during the fall or spring

Applicants should only submit one application. Within your application, you can apply to and rank more than one program. You can find the specific application materials required for each program at the links below. All programs require a writing sample in English. All programs except the Asia and Latin America Program require a writing sample in Spanish as well.

Please rank your order of preferences in your cover letter. Although the Dialogue does review each resume, the volume of applications we receive makes it impossible for us to communicate directly with all applicants. Internships are unpaid. You can find external funding opportunities here.

Internship opportunities

The Dialogue is an equal opportunity employer and considers applicants for all positions without regard to race, color, religion, creed, gender, national origin, age, disability, marital or veteran status, sexual orientation, or any other legally protected status. Internships are educational opportunities meant to benefit the intern. Interns work under staff supervision and offers for internships are not guarantees or suggestions of employment after an internship term is over.

Former Intern Testimonials

Ana Suazo, Migration, Remittances & Development Program (Fall 2020)

“I left my internship at the Dialogue feeling a lot more confident in my technical skills and professional ability, largely thanks to the close working relationship I developed with my supervisor, Kathryn Klaas. I really valued the hands-on nature of my work at the Migration, Development, and Remittances Program. One of the tasks I enjoyed the most was the research, data analysis, presentation, and implementation of a project for domestic policy to improve housing conditions in Guatemala. Even when working on tasks outside of my comfort zone, my supervisor patiently guided me through them when needed, ensuring that I learned and understood their purpose. Thus, I really felt and saw that my work was making a difference. Moreover, the remote internship program in general was very well-organized from start to finish, and I enjoyed participating in Dialogue staff meetings, where I learned a lot about the exciting projects of other programs of the organization. Lastly, I found the Dialogue staff very welcoming. Whenever I reached out to anyone outside my program, they were always very happy to talk and help me, including the president Michael Shifter himself! I highly recommend applying to the program, you will learn a lot and become part of a wonderful team of people as equally passionate about Latin America as you are.” 

Vienna Roche, Education Program (Summer 2020)

“My internship at the Dialogue was both a supportive and incredibly rewarding professional experience. As an intern for the Education program I got the chance to work with my team and organizations across the region on a variety of projects related to education policy. Within this work, each person on my team went above and beyond to include me in meetings, projects and research to ensure that I would get the most out of the experience even in the remote environment. I learned new research techniques, data collection, bilingual outreach and more. At the end of my summer, I even had the opportunity to transform my research into a published report that they continued to edit and work on far after my internship. The Dialogue’s community and mentorship is truly unmatched. Both as a team and organization they genuinely want to support their interns’ learning in policy, the region and future professional development. I am grateful to have been part of the Dialogue team and would highly recommend applying for an internship position at the organization.”

Omar Urdaneta, Energy, Climate Change & Extractive Industries Program (Summer 2020):

“I was involved with the Energy, Climate Change & Extractive Industries program this summer where I had the chance to use my skills to support the development of publications related to pressing issues such as Climate Change Mitigation Projects, GHG Emissions and Extractive Industries Revenues Allocation in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC). I found it interesting to perform a very detailed-oriented research and I can’t wait to see these projects published in the coming months. I’m grateful for having the opportunity to learn from current and former Dialogue members about their exciting careers. I encourage all students with a keen interest in the region to apply for this memorable experience.”

Denisse Delgado, Migration, Remittances & Development Program (Summer 2020):

“My summer internship experience at the Inter-American Dialogue was motivational. I joined the Dialogue with the expectation to expand my knowledge on International Migration, Remittances, and Development in the Latin American and Caribbean region (LAC). As an intern, I had the opportunity to learn and be trained in the Remittance Transfers Scorecard Project methodology, which collects information about various Remittance Provider Services in LAC. I greatly valued the exposure to the Scorecard methodology that I now include as a key reference in my dissertation proposal. Besides, attending online events organized by the institute, and regularly reading the Latin American Advisor, the Press Clippings, and the released reports, I have expanded my notion on how the region is responding to the Covid-19 crisis. I enjoyed the Lunch Brown Bag Speaker Series, where I learned from various Dialogue members, their professional trajectories, and personal experiences. This internship experience has energized me to advance in my academic and professional goals.”

Shuhan Tang, Asia & Latin America Program (Summer 2020)

“My experience at the Dialogue was unique and memorable. I’m grateful for having an opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge I’ve learned from school to various research projects, and for having a great mentor and expert in the field to guide me along the way. I looked in-depth into the evolvement of China-Latin America relations from different perspectives, which gives me a clearer vision of the challenges and potentials that lie ahead for the bilateral cooperation. Though not able to make it to the office due to the pandemic, the Dialogue’s well-organized program made me feel supported and not isolated at all.”

Michelle Faverio, Migration, Remittances & Development Program (Spring 2020):

“My time at the Dialogue taught me a lot about not only the organization’s mission, to bridge divides and encourage open conversation between nations, but also about myself as a young professional. Every day in the office I was taught new strategies on research or analytics and then encouraged to take initiative on projects we were working on. It was the perfect balance between mentorship, feedback, and independent, hands-on experience. Everyone in the office is constantly working on new projects or reports and is genuinely engaged and passionate about their work, which creates a great office environment. Specifically, my program offered me the ability to increase my skills in regards to data collection, report writing, government/policy research, and event planning. The internship program coordinates in and out-of-office events for interns and staff for personal and professional development, through workshops and brown bag lunches, you are able to learn new, transferable skills, as well as listen in on how well-respected program directors navigated through their career path. I feel very fortunate to have had the internship experience I did at the Dialogue and highly recommend applying for the program.”

Isabel Bernhard, Asia & Latin America Program (Summer 2019):

“In my experience, the Dialogue is an environment that balances interns’ independence with a sense of mentorship and community. As an undergrad, my time there helped me apply knowledge from coursework, learn about policy creation and evaluation, and become more informed about postgraduate opportunities in Latin American Studies. Within my program, I enjoyed the independence to decide how to approach research assignments, to identify and analyze additional topics of personal interest, and to attend and take notes at related policy discussions around DC. At the same time, the Dialogue’s emphasis on mentorship and community meant this individual work felt far from isolating. Both senior and junior staff members in my program were extremely approachable, deeply cared about my experience, and always made sure to explain how the projects I was undertaking fit into the larger scope of the program’s goals. The Dialogue also organized and suggested activities for our intern cohort to spend time together outside of the office. This fostered a sense of cohesion that, combined with the above education, made this internship incredibly rewarding.” 

Sergio Cabrales, Education Program (Summer 2019):

“Mi experiencia de pasantía de verano en el Diálogo Interamericano fue completa e integral. Tuve oportunidad de desarrollar mis habilidades de investigación cuantitativa y cualitativa, sobre todo en temas de educación; participé y colaboré en eventos relevantes relacionados a la coyuntura en Latinoamérica; compartí con un equipo muy cercano, amigable e inteligente; visité y aprendí de otras organizaciones e instituciones importantes en la ciudad, desarrollé mis redes y contactos; y crecí humana y profesionalmente. El Diálogo Interamericano, sin lugar a dudas, es un excelente espacio para un joven que desee conectarse a Latinoamérica a través de ‘su puerta’ en Washington, DC.”