Reviving Venezuela’s Oil Sector: The Role of Western Oil Majors

With Venezuela’s state oil company in disarray, international oil companies will be the key to tapping the country’s oil resources. The Inter-American Dialogue interviewed eight large Western oil companies about the conditions that will determine how rapidly, and to what degree, they start or ramp up operations in Venezuela following a political transition.

Lisa Viscidi, Nate Graham

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Member in the News: Julio Frenk

Dr. Julio Frenk, president of the University of Miami, has published a new book titled Proteger a Mexico: un enfoque integral para que el gobierno no nos falle, a case study of Mexico’s health care system.

Julio Frenk

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Clean Energy Auctions in Latin America

Long-term power supply auctions are an increasingly popular instrument worldwide for attracting renewable energy investment while cutting prices, increasing energy security, and reducing emissions. Latin America has been at the forefront of using auctions to boost renewable energy capacity. This study analyzes design and outcomes of government-led long-term power auctions with participation from non-conventional renewable sources in six countries in Latin America and the Caribbean (Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, and Jamaica) since 2015.

Lisa Viscidi, Ariel Yépez-García

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A Conversation with Luis Fernando Camacho

On December 13, 2019 the Inter-American Dialogue hosted “A Conversation with Luis Fernando Camacho”, candidate for the Bolivia presidency.

Kaitlyn Blansett, Taylor Savell

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What’s at Stake for Latinos (and Latin America) in the U.S. Presidential Vote?

With less than 10 months until election day, how is the U.S. presidential race shaping up? What issues or proposals from candidates are emerging as most relevant for Latin America and the Caribbean? What role are Latinos playing in the 2020 election’s outcome?

Lino Gutierrez, Mark Feierstein, John Zogby, Danny Turkel

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Expertos en Washington le apuestan al diálogo en Venezuela

Michael Shifter habló con Voz de América sobre el turbulento comienzo del nuevo año legislativo de Juan Guaidó en Venezuela. Tras un año de severas sanciones, Shifter aseguró que es el momento de un diálogo con Nicolás Maduro para lograr elecciones en Venezuela.

Michael Shifter, Carolina Valladares

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Dual Education in Latin America: Challenges and Opportunities

Dual education can be a powerful tool for bridging the skills gap by making education more relevant to market needs, fostering closer public-private collaboration, and providing youth with concrete skills and work experience.

Maria Oviedo, Ariel Fiszbein, Sadie Smeck

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Jóvenes y redes sociales, protagonistas de las protestas de 2019 en Latinoamérica

Michael Shifter, presidente del centro de análisis Diálogo Interamericano en entrevista con La FM aseguró que el panorama para este 2020 es impredecible debido a que las causas de las protestas del año pasado pueden seguir inestables, tal es el caso de la economía de la región. 

Michael Shifter

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Great Decisions: A Discussion of World Affairs

This year, Dialogue experts were chosen to provide background information and analysis of US policy towards Latin America and China-Latin America relations for Great Decisions, the largest program focusing on the discussion of world affairs in the United States.. 

Bruno Binetti, Michael Shifter, Margaret Myers

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Las protestas en América Latina

Michael Shifter, presidente del Dialogo Interamericano, habló con Juan Carlos Iragorri, Dori Toribio y Jorge Espinosa en el podcast en español de The Washington Post sobre las protestas de 2019 y el descontento en gran parte de la región.

Michael Shifter

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