Member in the News: Enrique García

Enrique García, co-vice chair of the Inter-American Dialogue, was awarded the “Enrique V. Iglesias” business award presented by King Felipe VI of Spain during the VVXI Ibero-American Summit in Guatemala. 

Enrique García, Europa Press

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Elecciones en USA, la prensa y Donald Trump, redes sociales

En este episodio de Club de Prensa los participantes analizaron las acusaciones del presidente Trump sobre el fraude electoral en Florida, la decisión de retirar las credenciales del periodista Jim Acosta después de su altercado en la Casa Blanca, la situación de noticias falsas alrededor del mundo, y el plebiscito británico.

Michael Shifter

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Colombian President Iván Duque, who took office this year, has backed away from suggestions he would scuttle the 2016 peace accord. // File Photo: Colombian Government.

Two Years In, Is Peace Taking Hold in Colombia?

How well is peace taking hold in Colombia, two years after the signing of the peace accord?

Antonio Navarro Wolff, Adam Isacson, Martha Maya, María Teresa Aya

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Jaana Remes Joins the Board of Advisors

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Jaana Remes has joined the Latin America Advisor’s board of advisors. She is an economist and a partner at the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI), McKinsey & Company’s business and economics research arm, based in San Francisco.

Erik Brand

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Argentina’s Energy Sector Challenges

In an interview with Benjamin Gedan, director of the Wilson Center’s Argentina Project, Lisa Viscidi discusses the current conditions and outlook for three key components of the Argentine energy sector.

Lisa Viscidi, Benjamin Gedan

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Argentina en Deuda Educativa: Aprender es un Derecho

El nuevo Informe de Progreso Educativo (IPE) de Argentina—publicado por Educar 2050 y el Diálogo Interamericano—analiza el estado de la educación argentina con el propósito de visibilizar los principales desafíos educativos de la nación y presentar recomendaciones para abordarlos.

Educar 2050, Diálogo Interamericano

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Remittances, Migration and Development in Nicaragua

The current and sustained political instability in Nicaragua paints a worrisome picture. As a result, migration to Costa Rica, and likely to other countries, has grown significantly. 

Manuel Orozco

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What is the Economic Outlook for Latin America?

On November 1, the Inter-American Dialogue hosted a discussion with the International Monetary Fund based on the IMF’s latest Western Hemisphere Regional Economic Outlook report , “An Uneven Recovery.”

Jose Bernardo Reyes Facio

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How Much Is Fake News Influencing Latin Elections?

How much impact did the spread of misinformation have on Brazil’s election? How did this play out in other presidential races in the region this year, such as in Colombia and Costa Rica? What effects does false propaganda on social
media have on Latin American democracies, and what should be done, if anything, to control it?

Laura Chinchilla, Maria Velez de Berliner, Cristina Tardáguila, Silvio Waisbord

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Teodoro and FDR

No one was more brilliant, independent, and generous with his ideas than Teodoro Petkoff. He was a consummate public intellectual with enormous integrity and a keen sense of irony who one never tired of listening to and learning from. He enriched and uplifted so many lives.  

Michael Shifter

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No Strangers at the Gate 

A report presenting recommendations to countries and organizations contending with the Venezuelan migration and refugee crisis.

Michael Camilleri, Fen Osler Hampson

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