CICIG Chief Iván Velásquez // File Photo: U.S. State Department.

Will Guatemala’s Stalemate Over CICIG Continue?

Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales has banned the entry of CICIG’s chief and refused to renew the agency’s mandate. What’s next?

Mario Polanco, Donald J. Planty, Adriana Beltrán, Helen Mack, Michael E. Allison

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Filling the Infrastructure Gap

Latin American governments are increasingly looking to China to address the region’s glaring infrastructure deficit. However, if history is any indication, China’s commitment to Latin American infrastructure development is unlikely to result in a slew of mega-projects in the coming years.

Margaret Myers

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New Rules for the Rule of Law in Argentina

The Dialogue partnered with the Wilson Center and Exiger’s Integrity Forum to host Mariano Borinsky and analyze his proposed reform to Argentina’s legal code.

Leonie Rauls

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Análisis de las elecciones en Brasil

En este episodio de Club de Prensa, Juan Carlos Iragorri contó con la participación de Michael Shifter, presidente del Diálogo Interamericano; Raquel Godos, corresponsal de EFE; y Henrique Gomes Batista, Corresponsal De ‘O Globo’ – Brasil. Los participantes analizaron los cambios en las elecciones en Brasil y la investigación del expresidente ecuatoriano Rafael Correa por el caso Odebrecht.

Michael Shifter, Raquel Godos, Henrique Gomes Batista, Juan Carlos Iragorri

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Far-right candidate Jair Bolsonaro was seriously wounded in a knife attack. // Photo: @FlavioBolsonaro.

How Will the Latest Developments Alter the Race in Brazil?

With Lula out of the race and Bolsonaro in the hospital after a knife attack, how is Brazil’s October presidential election shaping up?

Peter Hakim, Jana Nelson, Monica de Bolle, Erich Decat, Mauricio Santoro

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Member in the News: Eduardo Stein

On September 12, 2018, Eduardo Stein was named by the Secretary General of the United Nations as the Special Representative for Venezuelan Migrants and Refugees. 

Eduardo Stein


Power and Politics: Crisis in Venezuela

Millions of Venezuelans are fleeing the crisis torn country into neighboring Colombia. How dire is the situation and could it get even worse? Dialogue President Michael Shifter discussed these questions on CBC’s Power & Politics with Vassy Kapelos.

Michael Shifter, Vassy Kapelos

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Charging Ahead: The Growth of Electric Car and Bus Markets in Latin American Cities

Although electric mobility is at an early stage in Latin America, several cities have made significant advances. This new report addresses a number of critical questions about electric transportation in Latin America, drawing on case studies of six urban electric car and bus markets that have seen among the fastest growth in the region.

Lisa Viscidi, Guy Edwards, Carlos Mojica

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Michael Shifter en Foro Interamericano

En una entrevista con VOA, Michael Shifter discutió retos que América Latina encara hoy en día, como la innovación, el desarrollo y la integración, así como otros temas de gran magnitud como el éxodo venezolano y el papel de China en la región.

Michael Shifter, Gonzalo Abarca

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A Conversation with Carlos Holmes Trujillo

On September 7, the Inter-American Dialogue hosted a conversation between Carlos Holmes Trujillo, Colombia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and Dialogue President, Michael Shifter. The conversation began with introductory remarks on some of the challenges that the new Colombian government, led by president Iván Duque, will have to face.

José Bernardo Reyes Facio

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Teacher Policy Seminar 2018

Are teacher policies in Latin America effective? What can countries do to strengthen and support teacher selection, development and performance?

Sarah Stanton

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Uncertain Times for the Americas: Perspectives on a Way Forward

Uncertain Times for the Americas: Perspectives on a Way Forward is the report of the 21st Annual CAF Conference. Established in 1996 as a joint initiative of CAF – Development Bank of Latin America, the Inter-American Dialogue, and the Organization of American States, the annual CAF Conference brings together more than 1,000 world leaders to debate and discuss the most pressing developments facing the Americas. 

Missy Reif

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