Shifter: “Factores para debilitar a Maduro no se alinean”

En conversación con El Nuevo Siglo, el Presidente del centro de pensamiento Diálogo Interamericano dijo que, por ahora, Guaidó no tiene suficiente poder y contó que los militares siguen alineados con Maduro. “Hay una oposición bastante débil”, expresó. 

Michael Shifter, Pablo Uribe Ruan

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Jorge León Joins the Board of Advisors

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Jorge León has joined the Dialogue’s weekly Energy Advisor publication’s board of advisors.

Erik Brand

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Who will save Brazil’s democracy if Jair Bolsonaro tries to destroy it?

Bolsonaro’s authoritarian rhetoric was hotly debated during the presidential campaign. His supporters embraced his brash promises to bring law and order to a country beset by crime, corruption and economic struggles. His opponents feared a resurgence of military rule or the emergence of a Duterte-style police state.

Michael Camilleri, Benjamin Gedan

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“Maduro todavía tiene recursos para resistir”

Michael Shifter, presidente de Diálogo Interamericano, habló con SEMANA sobre el futuro del gobierno de Nicolás Maduro y los recientes movimientos en la región.

Michael Shifter

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Brazil Was a Global Leader on Climate Change. Now It’s a Threat.

Brazil should build on its impressive efforts in renewable energy, clean transport, and deforestation reduction. But as President Jair Bolsonaro assumes power, one of the world’s largest economies is on the verge of relinquishing its role as an environmental leader and retreating from the fight against climate change.

Lisa Viscidi, Nate Graham

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What Does 2019 Hold for Economies in Latin America?

What does 2019 hold in store for Latin American economies? Which countries will perform well economically, and which will struggle, and why?

Richard Francis, Joydeep Mukherji, Alfredo Coutiño, Marcos Casarin

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The United States and Mexico: Partnership Tested

Few neighbors have such deep and wide-ranging ties as the United States and Mexico. Both countries are bound not only by geography, but also through economic, security and social connections. Despite these strong connections—or perhaps because of them—the bilateral relationship is subject to strong pressures coming from domestic politics in both countries.

Michael Shifter, Bruno Binetti

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The Trump Effect in Latin America

Over a year ago, as Donald Trump was on one of his tirades full of insults and falsehoods – to which most Americans have, sadly, now become accustomed – I asked an Argentine friend if he had ever heard such aggressive rhetoric from a president before. “Sure I have,” he responded, “but never in English.”

Michael Shifter

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Why Electric Vehicles Are Gathering Speed in Latin America

Electric mobility would bring a host of benefits to Latin America. Countries like Chile are taking the lead in adopting electric buses and promoting private use of electric vehicles. Yet hefty price tags and a lack of charging infrastructure are among the barriers that must be surmounted for widespread uptake in the region.

Lisa Viscidi, Guy Edwards

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