Member in the News: Susana Malcorra

Dialogue member Susana Malcorra released an open letter for “the need to achieve full gender equality and empowerment of women across all ambits.”

Susana Malcorra

˙ Open Letter: Group of Women Leaders for Change and Inclusion

File Photo: Mexican Government.

What Forces Are Shaping Mexico’s Economic Outlook?

How much are political variables and uncertainty under a new president affecting Mexico’s economy?

Jaana Remes, Alfredo Coutiño, Amanda Mattingly, Amy Glover, Alma Caballero

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Secretary Gustavo Lopetegui Explains the Argentine Energy Market’s Competitive Edge

Argentina’s economic crisis and the fiscal belt-tightening it demands have led to gradual cuts to wholesale electricity and natural gas subsidies for consumers and a liberalization of energy prices over the course of Mauricio Macri’s administration. This has helped make Argentina more attractive as a destination for energy investment despite its economic tumult, said Argentine Secretary of Energy Gustavo Lopetegui at an event organized by the Inter-American Dialogue on March 14.

Nate Graham, Bentleigh Asboth

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Congressional Testimony: Prohibiting Unauthorized Military Action in Venezuela Act

As a close observer of the region, I am deeply troubled by the humanitarian crisis and the dramatic unraveling of democracy under Nicolás Maduro, a brutal and corrupt dictator. A core question raised by this hearing is whether the United States should use military force to remove Maduro from power in Venezuela. My answer, which reflects the position of many other U.S. defense and foreign policy experts, is no. The negative consequences of military action to Venezuela, to the region, and to the interests of the United States are clear and foreseeable.

Rebecca Bill Chavez

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Economic Growth and Family Remittances to Central America in 2018

Central American economies continue to struggle with achieving higher rates of economic growth, of above 4%. The sluggish growth continues to limit the ability of these countries to achieve economic development and prevent emigration in the long term. Of particular relevance is the fact that these economies are highly dependent on a small number of economic activities, and remittances are a central, if not the most important, source of income.

Manuel Orozco

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Ausencia de Obispos Evidencia la Falta de Condiciones en las Negociaciones de Nicaragua

A finales de febrero 2019, el gobierno de Daniel Ortega y la oposición Alianza Cívica establecieron un diálogo negociador. Para ofrecer una perspectiva del contexto nicaragüense, el Dr. Manuel Orozco, Director del Programa de Migración, Remesas y Desarrollo del Diálogo Interamericano, participó en una entrevista para Confidencial.

Manuel Orozco

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Unfulfilled Promises: Latin America Today

On March 5, the Inter-American Dialogue presented its new book titled Unfulfilled Promises: Latin America Today. Ambassador Shannon and president Chinchilla praised the book for constructing a narrative about the highly diverse region, highlighting its main idiosyncrasies and analyzing where it might be headed in coming years.

Leonie Rauls, Pedro Garmendia

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Venezuela: marchas en medio del apagón

Bruno Binetti, non-resident fellow del Diálogo Interamericano, conversó con TN Internacional sobre los sucesos más recientes de la crisis venezolana y los grupos que disputan el poder en el país latinoamericano.

Bruno Binetti

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File Photo: Mexican Government.

¿Ejercerán un nuevo poder los sindicatos de México bajo AMLO?

¿Cuáles son las razones detrás de las huelgas de los trabajadores, y habrá más conflictos laborales en los próximos meses?

Carlos H. Aceves del Olmo, Richard Sinkin, Brian Finnegan, Gladys Cisneros, Carlos Ferrán Martínez

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Puerto Rico 2019: What Lies Ahead?

“Puerto Rico 2019: What Lies Ahead?” brought together a panel of experts on economics, fiscal issues, and energy policy to discuss the current state of Puerto Rico’s recovery and its future prospects.

Natali Solano

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The Outlook for Renewable Energy under the AMLO Administration

AMLO’s skepticism of private investment, the cancellation of generation and transmission auctions, and the return to state-led electricity development through bolstering of the CFE threaten to squander Mexico’s renewable potential and drag its clean development efforts backwards.

Lisa Viscidi

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Unfulfilled Promises: Latin America Today

The volume takes a broad view of recent social, political, and economic developments in Latin America. It contains six essays, focused on salient and cross-cutting themes, that try to construct a thread or narrative about the highly diverse region, highlighting its main idiosyncrasies and analyzing where it might be headed in coming years.

Laura Chinchilla, Catalina Botero, Robert Muggah, Augusto de la Torre, Alain Ize, George Gray Molina, Ana Covarrubias, Andrés Malamud, Michael Shifter, Bruno Binetti

Books ˙ ˙ Unfulfilled Promises: Latin America Today