Amid increasing gridlock at the national level across much of the Western hemisphere, due in many cases to political polarization, policies generated at the local level are more important than ever. Communities are turning to their mayors and other subnational leaders for critical action in response to today’s most pressing issues. In response to this, the Inter-American Dialogued has launched its Cities Initiative – a crosscutting project that will draw on the expertise of the Dialogue’s core programs, including education, migration, the rule of law, climate, and our analysis of Asia’s engagement with the region to explore local responses to national and transnational challenges. The program recognizes the critical impact local policy has on daily lives, as well as the important role subnational innovations can play as a catalyst for national policy change.    

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Photo of market in El Salvador

A New Strategic Approach for El Salvador’s Economic Development Challenges

El Salvador’s sluggish economy and outdated economic model present serious challenges for the future. Weak economic performance means that life is hard and opportunities are scarce for large portions of the population. It also has far-ranging implications for a variety of issues, including migration, social inclusion, and insecurity. With the…

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