Security & Drug Policy

Latin America’s citizens persistently cite rising levels of violence as their main concern. Undoubtedly, developments linked to heightened insecurity and often tied to the drug trade undermine democratic processes and stunt economic growth. The Inter-American Dialogue’s work on security examines criminal trends throughout Latin America and promotes exchange between US and regional analysts, policymakers, journalists, and business leaders on how to address this growing challenge. Since 2008, the Dialogue has also worked to supply Latin American governments and nongovernmental organizations with independent analysis on current drug control policies as well as non-traditional or alternative strategies.

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World Trade Center Lights

Remembering September 11, 2001

The 9/11 attacks in New York and Washington, DC were a defining moment in history that forever changed the United States and the world. As we commemorate the tragic day and reflect on its impact after 20 years, we share the following article written by Michael Shifter on October 8, 2001.

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The Merida Initiative is indeed dead. Mexico is expected to press for significant US assistance and investment in the southern part of the country, but with budget pressures and other priorities in Washington, US officials are unlikely to be receptive.
Hay que reconocer que Biden ha sido totalmente coherente con su posición [respecto a Afganistán] durante sus años como vicepresidente. Él tiene un punto de vista que coincide con la opinión publica del los estadounidenses los cuales hace tiempo venían pidiendo el retiro de tropas de Afganistán. Biden tomó una posición muy pragmática, de realpolitik, pero la misma no ha sido implementada muy bien al retirar las tropas. Las consecuencias eran totalmente predecibles.