Central America & the Caribbean

The Inter-American Dialogue’s work in Central America and the Caribbean examines opportunities and challenges facing the 28 countries and islands in the region. Issues include security, migration, drug policy, remittances, education, integration, and trade. 

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Fact Sheet: Family Remittances to Latin America and the Caribbean in 2018

Family remittances to Latin America and the Caribbean experienced nearly 10% growth in 2018, one of the largest growth rates in the past 10 years. Growth in remittances stands in stark contrast to the sluggish 1.9% economic growth rate for the region. The countries with the highest remittance growth rates in 2018 included Haiti, Colombia, Brazil, Guatemala and Paraguay.

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Lidar com Cuba é um desafio maior, já que há um certo consenso entre democratas e republicanos de que Maduro deve cair, enquanto os dois lados divergem em relação à política para a ilha.
The crucial factor in determining bilateral relations [between El Salvador and China] will be Bukele’s initial hold on power. A landslide victory would give him considerable leeway in how he governs... Anything short of that would leave him at the mercy of establishment figures and limit his options both domestically and internationally.