Central America & the Caribbean

The Inter-American Dialogue’s work in Central America and the Caribbean examines opportunities and challenges facing the 28 countries and islands in the region. Issues include security, migration, drug policy, remittances, education, integration, and trade. 

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Energy and Mining in the Amazon

The Amazon rainforest, one of the world’s most important ecosystems, faces environmental impacts from hydroelectric dams, oil and gas drilling sites, and mining projects. A new database and analysis by the Inter-American Dialogue reveals that state-owned enterprises, as well as small and mid-sized international companies from a handful of countries, operate the largest share of such projects in the Amazon region, meaning these companies have a substantial influence over the implementation of environmental and social safeguards.

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The reality is that the US has had few, if any successes, at nation-building in Latin America or anywhere else, at least since the Marshall Plan. It is important to pose an uncomfortable question: where has the US succeeded in what it is trying to do today in Central America?
Hoje a América Central domina a agenda de Biden no continente. O assunto tira todo o tempo dos funcionarios americanos, porque está relacionado a uma problemática absolutamente central, que é a imigração de cidadãos do chamado Triângulo Norte (...) Faltam clareza e estratégia para os demais países da América Latina. O drama centroamericano não será resolvido rápido, provavelmente vai exigir dedicação do governo Biden durante todo o mandato.