Central America & the Caribbean

The Inter-American Dialogue’s work in Central America and the Caribbean examines opportunities and challenges facing the 28 countries and islands in the region. Issues include security, migration, drug policy, remittances, education, integration, and trade. 

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Photo: Honduran Armed Forces.

How Can Countries Guarantee Food in Emergencies?

How can countries such as Honduras best guarantee food security in times of emergency, and what sorts of unanticipated disruptions could emerge in the food value chain as a result of government intervention in Honduras?

Northern Triangle: The Origins of America's Migrant Crisis Video

Northern Triangle: The Origins of America’s Migrant Crisis

Great Decisions examines in the documentary “Northern Triangle: The Origins of America’s Migrant Crisis” the Western Hemisphere’s migration crisis and the fractured societies at the heart of it: Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador. Michael Shifter, president of the Inter-American Dialogue, is one of the featured guests in this documentary. 

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The drop [in oil prices] is a consequence of a rift between OPEC+'s two biggest producers, Russia and Saudi Arabia, pushing prices below the break-even point of promising basins such as Brazil's pre-salt and Argentina's Vaca Muerta. 
El llamado del presidente Bukele a desplegar policías armados y soldados con rifles en el Congreso de El Salvador para intimidar a los legisladores es muy preocupante. La medida no tuvo precedentes en los casi 30 años desde que el país terminó su sangrienta guerra civil.