Brazil & the Southern Cone

The Inter-American Dialogue’s work in the Southern Cone examines opportunities and challenges facing Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Chile. Issues include energy, finance, economics and trade, the environment, and international relations. 

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Latin America’s Digital Economy and Trends in International Taxation

On April 12, the Inter-American Dialogue hosted an event titled “Latin America’s Digital Economy and Trends in International Taxation.” The discussion took place in the context of a recent OECD report, that reported that a global consensus on how to tax businesses with a substantial digital footprint but no physical presence in a given country remains elusive.

Larraín // Photo: Inter-American Dialogue.

Aging Populations Force Lawmakers to Rethink Pension Systems

Changing demographics as a result of aging populations and the consequent need to reform pension systems will be among Latin America’s biggest challenges in the coming decades, Fernando Larraín, the director of the AFP Association of Chile, a private organization that includes all pension managers in the country, said April…

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Qualquer país que deseje ter uma presença e uma influência internacional precisa estabelecer uma política externa consistente, e isso é algo que o Brasil fez por muitos anos apesar dos enormes desafios que enfrentou até a ascensão de Bolsonaro.
All these people who are coming [to Washington] may be technically very competent, but it looks like success or failure will depend on the Bolsonaro government’s political skills, and that is an open question.