Brazil & the Southern Cone

The Inter-American Dialogue’s work in the Southern Cone examines opportunities and challenges facing Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Chile. Issues include energy, finance, economics and trade, the environment, and international relations. 

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Skyline of Sao Paulo at night, Brazil

Brazil: Country of the Present?

In this presentation for the Embassy of Brazil in London, former Dialogue board member Roberto Teixeira da Costa presents his perspective of Brazil as a country of the present.

Photo of Chinese EV Showroom

China’s EV drive accelerates in Latin America

China is making headway in the Latin American market by exporting electric vehicles (EVs) and investing in local production. Asia and Latin America Program Director, Margaret Myers, considers the significant implications China’s growth in Latin America’s EV and lithium mining industries could have for the region.

Photo of Panelists Corruption in Venezuela Event

Navigating Corruption: Implications for Venezuela’s Future

Venezuela’s presidential elections are taking place on July 28, 2024. While focusing on electoral conditions is essential, whoever governs the country in the next term will do so in a nation plagued by corruption. Addressing both is crucial for the country’s future.

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Hace tanto que no teníamos relaciones cercanas con Argentina, desde Macri, que el Gobierno de Biden ve la posibilidad de tener un socio con Milei. Por mucho tiempo, durante los Gobierno de los Kirchner y de Fernández, cuando Estados Unidos hablaba de la creciente influencia de China en la región, Argentina siempre era el ejemplo que se usaba.
A China está apostando em projetos menores e com utilização intensiva de tecnologia para fazer crescer a sua própria economia e reduzir o risco da sua presença internacional.