Inter-American Relations

Transformations in the Americas, north and south, have created synergies and mutual opportunities on issues ranging from trade to energy, climate change to public health, and higher education to infrastructure development.  Equitable prosperity requires extensive cooperation among the countries of the Hemisphere to address shared challenges. The Inter-American Dialogue’s activities are directed towards furthering debate on contentious issues in the inter-American agenda and finding consensus among the countries of the region. 

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Venezuela: Between Hope and Uncertainty

On February 4, the Inter-American Dialogue hosted an event titled “Venezuela: Between Hope and Uncertainty” to discuss the possible scenarios in which the Venezuelan crisis might unfold.

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The threat of sanctions has been floating around in the U.S. for many years. They were always worried about the fear that the humanitarian crisis would get worse because the economic situation would get worse without a guarantee there would be a positive change in government. That threat still exists — we still don’t know how this is going to end up.
[PDVSA] is definitely looking for every creative solution it can [to replace US business]. They are not just sitting there waiting to see what happens […] I just don’t know if what they are doing is enough to completely get around the sanctions.