Inter-American Relations

Transformations in the Americas, north and south, have created synergies and mutual opportunities on issues ranging from trade to energy, climate change to public health, and higher education to infrastructure development. Equitable prosperity requires extensive cooperation among the countries of the Hemisphere to address shared challenges. The Inter-American Dialogue’s activities are directed towards furthering debate on contentious issues in the inter-American agenda and finding consensus among the countries of the region. 

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We cannot look at all this with fatalism and say that [Haiti] is cursed. It is not cursed. It carries within it men and women of very strong will, who have even worked very hard to find a Haitian solution — but who also realize that they cannot achieve it alone.
A redução da influência dos EUA na América Latina não é apenas uma questão de política externa incorreta ou resultado de decisões subjetivas deste ou daquele político. Essa redução está ligada, muito mais, a mudanças na economia mundial, assim como aos efeitos catastróficos das políticas conduzidas pelos EUA.