Inter-American Relations

Transformations in the Americas, north and south, have created synergies and mutual opportunities on issues ranging from trade to energy, climate change to public health, and higher education to infrastructure development.  Equitable prosperity requires extensive cooperation among the countries of the Hemisphere to address shared challenges. The Inter-American Dialogue’s activities are directed towards furthering debate on contentious issues in the inter-American agenda and finding consensus among the countries of the region. 

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Do the Amazon Fires Point the Way for Future International Efforts to Combat Climate Change?

The fires in the Amazon expose the very heart of the greatest collective action problem that humanity has faced, and it foreshadows harder battles to come. The actions of each individual country have consequences for the global climate, yet perpetrators are loath to make sacrifices when others, especially those with equal or greater responsibility, are not doing the same. The fact that threats of economic punishment seem to have shifted Brazil’s behavior suggests that a similar approach could be taken to address climate change on a larger scale. But it will not be easy, especially where the biggest emitters are concerned.

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La relación asimétrica entre EE. UU. y México siempre ha causado fricción, pero en las últimas décadas se habían aliviado las tensiones. Trump ha regresado la relación a la década de 1980, y el costo a largo plazo para EE. UU. será enorme.
Trump ha sido implacable con [el tema migratorio], y es casi seguro que tratará de utilizarlo para sacarle ventaja política a corto plazo, aunque las encuestas de opinión pública demuestran un creciente apoyo hacia los inmigrantes.