The Inter-American Dialogue’s work in the Andes region examines opportunities and challenges facing Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela. Issues include democratic governance, security and drug policy, cross-border relations, and energy. 

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Photo of Panelists at Security Event in Uruguay Video

The Security Challenge for Democracies in Latin America

Citizen insecurity and illicit economies are serious issues in Latin America and the Caribbean, prompting urgent demands from the public for solutions. In response, mano dura policies have been implemented, which have reduced violence but at a significant cost to the rule of law and human rights. It is necessary to develop and promote alternatives that are both effective and democratic.

Photo of panelists and moderator of the Is Peru's Democracy at Risk Event. Video

Is Peru’s Democracy at Risk?

Widespread discontent in Peru has been exacerbated by credible allegations of human rights violations, corruption scandals, and increasing crime rates.

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His [Edmundo González] main challenge is going to be maintaining that balance between keeping the opposition in line behind a unified candidacy and making sure that his candidacy does not pose an unbearable threat to the regime. And that’s a very fine line.
Estas elecciones no son el fin de una negociación, sino que pueden ser el comienzo de una. Si vos tenés muchísima gente que sale a votar, tenés un hecho político que, independientemente del resultado [...], te genera un hecho político que es disparador de una conversación distinta.