The Inter-American Dialogue’s work in the Andes region examines opportunities and challenges facing Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela. Issues include democratic governance, security and drug policy, cross-border relations, and energy. 

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Strongmen Have the Edge With Trump. Why Not Maduro?

Mr. Trump should be commended for coming down hard on Latin America’s strongmen. But by also resurrecting an impulse for unilateral action and indifference to the region’s needs and concerns, he is making it more difficult to help bring about the democratic change he ostensibly seeks.

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The U.S. must have more skin in the game in the Venezuelan crisis. In order to play the role of regional leader, the U.S. will have to have a strong leg to stand on. And a domestic migration policy that’s seen as so toxic by the very countries that are being asked to assume some of these burdens I think can only handicap the United States capacity to play that role effectively.
[Unasur] originalmente sirvió como foro de discusión política para los líderes de Sudamérica y ayudó a resolver crisis puntuales en Bolivia y Ecuador. Pero al incrementarse la diversidad ideológica y de perspectivas en la región en los últimos años, la falta de institucionalidad de Unasur resultó letal. La gota que rebalsó el vaso fue la complicidad de la organización con el régimen venezolano.