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In recent years, economic opportunities have become the main force driving relationships in the Western Hemisphere. While political cooperation has stumbled, robust trade and financial engagement have been shown to be the best foundation for stronger partnerships between the countries of the region. But Latin American nations face enormous challenges in strengthening their international competitiveness, assuring their position in global finance and trade flows, and achieving equitable growth.

The Inter-American Dialogue seeks to encourage further economic integration and cooperation by building a better understanding of the major trends affecting trade, foreign investment, and economic development in the Americas.

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Do the Amazon Fires Point the Way for Future International Efforts to Combat Climate Change?

The fires in the Amazon expose the very heart of the greatest collective action problem that humanity has faced, and it foreshadows harder battles to come. The actions of each individual country have consequences for the global climate, yet perpetrators are loath to make sacrifices when others, especially those with equal or greater responsibility, are not doing the same. The fact that threats of economic punishment seem to have shifted Brazil’s behavior suggests that a similar approach could be taken to address climate change on a larger scale. But it will not be easy, especially where the biggest emitters are concerned.

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If you own an electric car in Santiago or Mexico, you don't really need to worry. There’s a fair amount of public charging infrastructure. But in other cities where there’s not as much advance, like in Quito or Lima, there’s very little infrastructure, and so you would have to rely on having the charging station in your home.
La decisión de no utilizar la OTCA parece ser política. El gobierno del presidente Nicolás Maduro en Venezuela intentó invocar a la Organización en respuesta a los incendios. Sin embargo, los miembros del Grupo de Lima [gobiernos de la región y Canadá que desconocen a Maduro] rechazaron este llamado y se convocó a la reunión de Leticia exceptuando a Caracas.