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In recent years, economic opportunities have become the main force driving relationships in the Western Hemisphere. While political cooperation has stumbled, robust trade and financial engagement have been shown to be the best foundation for stronger partnerships between the countries of the region. But Latin American nations face enormous challenges in strengthening their international competitiveness, assuring their position in global finance and trade flows, and achieving equitable growth.

The Inter-American Dialogue seeks to encourage further economic integration and cooperation by building a better understanding of the major trends affecting trade, foreign investment, and economic development in the Americas.

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The current [Russia-Ukraine] crisis underscores the geopolitical risks of dependence on foreign oil and gas and the importance of reducing it for energy security reasons, which could be an accelerating factor for the transition to renewable technologies, green hydrogen, etc.
La presente crisis [en Ucrania] subraya los riesgos geopolíticos de la dependencia de petróleo y gas extranjero y la importancia de reducirla por razones de seguridad energética, lo que puede ser un factor acelerador para la transición a tecnologías renovables, el hidrógeno verde, etc.