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In recent years, economic opportunities have become the main force driving relationships in the Western Hemisphere. While political cooperation has stumbled, robust trade and financial engagement have been shown to be the best foundation for stronger partnerships between the countries of the region. But Latin American nations face enormous challenges in strengthening their international competitiveness, assuring their position in global finance and trade flows, and achieving equitable growth.

The Inter-American Dialogue seeks to encourage further economic integration and cooperation by building a better understanding of the major trends affecting trade, foreign investment, and economic development in the Americas.

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Entrevista con Lisa Viscidi durante la inauguracion de Joe Biden Video

La inauguración de Biden y lo que significa para el cambio climático

Joe Biden ha declarado metas más ambiciosos en materia del cambio climático que cualquier otro presidente estadounidense. El 20 de enero asumió la presidencia en un momento crítico para el combate contra el cambio climático. Lisa Viscidi compartió sus comentarios sobre la política climática doméstica y exterior de Biden durante la cobertura de Caracol Radio de su inauguración.

Joe Biden speaking during the 20th Annual CAF Conference

Joe Biden’s Presidency: Implications for Latin America & the Caribbean

After a divisive campaign season and unprecedented election year marked by the Covid-19 pandemic, Joe Biden will be sworn in today as the 46th president of the United States of America. What implications will his presidency have for US foreign policy, particularly in Latin America? Our experts share their opinions in these quotes, op-eds, interviews, and Q&As from the Latin America Advisor.

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Me sorprendería si La Habana toma tal iniciativa [de acercamiento con Estados Unidos], aunque quedara claro su disposición para relajar las tensiones entre ambos países. [Normalizar las relaciones entre ambos países] dependerá en gran medida de la disposición del gobierno cubano de tomar pasos reales en función de reformas económicas y políticas.
I don’t think there would be a sudden flight of shale investment to Argentina [if Biden restricted new licenses on US federal lands]. The issue [for Vaca Muerta] is more whether Argentina can address its own bottlenecks in investment like price controls, restrictions on the repatriation of profits, and the general lack of uncertainty about future energy and economic policies.