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In recent years, economic opportunities have become the main force driving relationships in the Western Hemisphere. While political cooperation has stumbled, robust trade and financial engagement have been shown to be the best foundation for stronger partnerships between the countries of the region. But Latin American nations face enormous challenges in strengthening their international competitiveness, assuring their position in global finance and trade flows, and achieving equitable growth.

The Inter-American Dialogue seeks to encourage further economic integration and cooperation by building a better understanding of the major trends affecting trade, foreign investment, and economic development in the Americas.

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State Collapse and the Protection of Remittance Payments

On April 9, 2024, the Inter-American Dialogue released the report “State Collapse and the Protection of Remittance Payments.” The report, produced by Manuel Orozco, director of the Migration, Remittances, and Development program, and Patrick Springer, program associate, examines the extent to which the current crisis in Haiti can be characterized as state failure. The report examines state failure in Haiti, its effects on the daily lives of Haitians, the Haitian economy, and how it is impacting remittance systems in the country and concludes with a strategy for ensuring successful and safe remittance transfers to the Caribbean nation.

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Perspectives on Remittances in 2024

On February 16, 2024, the Inter-American Dialogue’s Migration, Remittances, and Development program invited representatives from across the remittance industry to discuss the potential for developments in the industry and to discuss their outlook for 2024.

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Penalizar a los miembros de las fuerzas armadas [de Nicaragua], así como a las entidades que apoyan su modus vivendi, como el fondo de pensiones de las fuerzas armadas, es una medida clave de rendición de cuentas.
A China está apostando em projetos menores e com utilização intensiva de tecnologia para fazer crescer a sua própria economia e reduzir o risco da sua presença internacional.