• Would López Obrador shake up the status quo?

    May 14 2018
  • Principals are critical to the success of schools in Latin America. But programs specifically designed to support them are few and far between.

    May 8 2018 PREAL Blog
  • Ana Heeren has joined the weekly Energy Advisor publication’s board of advisors.

    May 3 2018
  • As Cuba begins its path towards post-Castroism, drawing comparisons with other transitions within communist regimes is almost inevitable, despite the uniqueness of the island’s situation.

    Apr 23 2018 Voces
  • Latin American education systems may not be adequately preparing young people to undertake their roles as citizens.

    Apr 21 2018 PREAL Blog
  • Could anger about corruption and lack of trust in institutions bolster a new wave of faith-driven politics?

    Apr 9 2018 Voces
  • Takeaways from Costa Rica’s surprising election result.

    Apr 6 2018
  • When leaders from nearly all the countries of the Americas gather in Lima, Peru next week, the unique circumstances may lead to a historic event: the first Summit of the Americas defined by honesty about the fundamental disagreements that shape the relationships among the United States, Canada, Latin America, and the Caribbean. 

    Apr 5 2018
  • Despite Escuela Nueva’s massive success and proven effectiveness, the model remains largely under-exploited in Latin America.

    Mar 8 2018 PREAL Blog
  • Some people welcome the intervention; others don’t.

    Mar 5 2018
  • Standardized student evaluations provide a measure of the quality of teaching in different schools. But what impact can sharing the results with teachers and administrators have on their teaching and management practices?

    Feb 16 2018
  • A surprise turn in Costa Rica’s national election has left many guessing. Four experts comment on the race in the Dialogue’s daily Latin America Advisor.

    Feb 8 2018
  • Latin America isn’t yet part of the Belt and Road, but China showed sustained interest in the region during the recent China-CELAC Ministerial Forum.

    Jan 26 2018 China & Latin America
  • Mixed views on PPK’s longevity in office…

    Jan 9 2018
  • The example of Cartagena´s Escuelas de Bancos presents one simple lesson: education planners and decision-makers need to pay more attention to community-generated solutions and non-formal education.

    Dec 14 2017 PREAL Blog