Migration, Remittances & Development

The Inter-American Dialogue’s Migration, Remittances and Development Program seeks to leverage migration and remittances for development. We focus on policies governing the flow of remittances, private sector financial and remittance services, and financial access for migrants and remittance recipient families. Through research, policy analysis, technical assistance, product development and project implementation, we have raised awareness and forged partnerships among public and private institutions in over 80 countries around the world.

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Feliciano Reyna Diálogo Interamericano Video

Feliciano Reyna y los efectos de la emergencia humanitaria en Venezuela

Tras recibir el premio ‘Liderazgo distinguido para las Américas por servicio humanitario’ otorgado por el Diálogo Interamericano durante la VI Gala de Premios Liderazgo para las Américas, el activista y defensor de derechos humanos Feliciano Reyna habló con Voz de America (VOA) sobre los retos de la crisis en Venezuela, 

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The Changing Face of Migration in the Americas

On September 21st, 2021, The Inter-American Dialogue hosted a panel titled “The Changing Face of Migration in the Americas” to discuss the growing scale of migration in Latin America and the Caribbean and the changing composition of these flows over the past two years.

Orozco in CNN Video

Orozco: “The Biden Administration proposal [must] approach the structural causes that have spurred migration not only in Central America”

Manuel Orozco, non-resident Senior Fellow at the Inter-American Dialogue, joined CNN for an interview to discuss the ongoing migration phenomenon occurring in Mexico’s southern border. The interview touched upon some of the causes of migration, the countries where large numbers of migrants are coming from, and why this issue needs to be urgently dealt with.

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