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Although the United States’ relationship with Latin America has changed profoundly in recent years, the US remains a vital partner to many Latin American nations. Its foreign and domestic policies on a range of issues, including drugs and immigration, bear deep implications for the region. The Inter-American Dialogue closely monitors Washington’s relationship with its neighbors and provides leaders from across the Western Hemisphere with an open forum for exchange. Our timely and incisive analysis seeks to build hemispheric consensus on divisive policy challenges and spark new conversations on pressing issues.

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Geopolítica de la crisis venezolana

Ante el bloqueo doméstico y externo de la crisis en Venezuela, Europa podría desempeñar un papel crucial gracias a su relativa distancia del conflicto y buena imagen en la región.

Jair Bolsonaro, A View from the North

Rather than building a robust partnership with the United States, Bolsonaro’s current trajectory may end up with Brazil facing a largely indifferent Washington. Yes, Trump did declare this week that he wants a free trade deal with Brazil, but even if Brazil can find a way around Mercosur’s rules and begin to pursue a bilateral accord, negotiations will take several years to complete. A successful outcome is not out of the question, but it will require to thoroughly overhaul its highly protected economy, which is among the most insular in the world.

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Trump no quiere que nadie tenga la impresión de que es blando pero es difícil creer que presionará por una política más dura que Bolton. Espero que haya un Plan B más diplomático en la Casa Blanca para ayudar a restaurar democracia en Venezuela, pero soy escéptico.
[El presidente] quiere victorias rápidas y fotogénicas, pero huye del trabajo duro de la diplomacia. [Por tanto, la marcha de Bolton] no significará necesariamente un gran avance en la diplomacia, pero sí reduce las posibilidades de una confrontación grave con otro país.