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Although the United States’ relationship with Latin America has changed profoundly in recent years, the US remains a vital partner to many Latin American nations. Its foreign and domestic policies on a range of issues, including drugs and immigration, bear deep implications for the region. The Inter-American Dialogue closely monitors Washington’s relationship with its neighbors and provides leaders from across the Western Hemisphere with an open forum for exchange. Our timely and incisive analysis seeks to build hemispheric consensus on divisive policy challenges and spark new conversations on pressing issues.

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We cannot look at all this with fatalism and say that [Haiti] is cursed. It is not cursed. It carries within it men and women of very strong will, who have even worked very hard to find a Haitian solution — but who also realize that they cannot achieve it alone.
Es notable y vergonzoso para la administración Biden que los presidentes de los países decidieran saltarse la Cumbre de las Américas organizada por Estados Unidos. Sin embargo, quizás no deberíá ser tan sorprendente. En diciembre pasado, Estados Unidos no invitó a ninguno de los líderes del Triángulo Norte a participar en la cumbre mundial [de la democracia].