Press Mentions

El equipo de política exterior y seguridad nacional de Biden tiene calificaciones impresionantes y una vasta experiencia profesional. En un claro contraste con la actual administración, todos trabajan dentro de los parámetros tradicionales de la política exterior estadounidense.
[It is] highly unlikely that Salvador Cienfuegos will see the inside of a Mexican courtroom, much less a Mexican jail. Levels of impunity in Mexico are extremely high and AMLO cares about maintaining and nurturing his relationship with the army.  
[It is likely that Andrés Manuel López Obrador came under] a lot of pressure from the military in Mexico to bring Cienfuegos back and not have him prosecuted in the United States.
While it’s too soon to say if the new administration will apply penalties to Brazil [for Amazon deforestation], there are a range of trade levers the US could pull...It can [also] say to Brazil that there are ways you can have economic development and conserve the forest at the same time, and we will support you.
[Brazil’s natural gas law] is expected to lead to more efficient use of existing infrastructure, lower natural prices for end-users and growth in natural gas demand in Brazil. 
[López Obrador's delay in congratulating Biden] is a mistake on his part that will affect the tenor of the relations [with the US] at the beginning to some extent.