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July 17, 2021 

Protests in Cuba, Crisis in Haiti, Educational Transformation

Pacific Alliance, Regional Governance in Latin America, Arrests in Nicaragua


June 5, 2021 

Peru’s Fraying Democracy, Chile’s Constitutional Convention, VP Harris’ Trip to Mexico & Guatemala

Migration In North And Central America, Energy and Mining in the Amazon, Spain and Latin America


May 15, 2021 

Amazon Energy and Mining Database, Panama’s Economic Recovery, Technology for Good Education Management

Energy Storage in Latin America and the Caribbean, Recent Gestures by Venezuela’s Maduro, Prison Policy in Latin America


April 10, 2021

Asylum Protections at the Border, Cuba’s Future, Mexico’s Fight Against Covid-19

Situation in the Northern Triangle, Afro-descendants in the Americas, US-Brazil Relations


March 13, 2021

Reopening Schools in Latin America, Honduras’ Presidential Election, Rep. McGovern on El Salvador

Cuba’s Economy, Connectivity in the Americas, Legal Abortion in Argentina 



February 20, 2021

Biden’s Central America Plan, Abortion Rights in Latin America, Early Childhood Development 

Housing and Urban Planning in Guatemala, Brazil-Japan-US Cooperation


January 15, 2021

Climate Change Partnerships, Chinese Investments in Latin America, Covid-19 Recovery in the Region

Japan’s Role in Latin America’s Covid-19 Recovery, Damage to US Democracy


December 19, 2020

Chile’s Pension Withdrawals, Drug Policy, Chinese Investment

Virtual Degree Programs, Ortega – Biden, Educación Inicial México

November 14, 2020

Air Travel, Biden Victory & Implications for Latin America, Mexican Energy Policy

Innovating Healthcare, A Conversation with Iván Duque, Former Presidents Summit

October 24, 2020

Bolivia’s Election, Mexico’s Electricity Policy, Elecciones Estados Unidos

Anatomy of MS-13, Higher Education & Competitiveness, Biden vs. Trump


September 19, 2020

Venezuela’s Election, IDB’s New President, Ataques contra la prensa en El Salvador

Health, Economic, and Political Challenges Facing LatAm, Early Childhood Development 

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