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The Latin American region is seeking to expand its range of economic and political partnerships, whether by deepening existing relationships or forging new ones. At the same time, profound transformations in the world economy, climate change, and new information and communication technologies will ensure that the region’s future is inextricably connected to developments taking place beyond the borders of individual nations.

To address new challenges, the Inter-American Dialogue is working to support the development of strategic thinking in Latin America, as well as the region’s active participation at the global level.

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Chinese Infrastructure in LAC: Perceptions and Realities

On November 14th, the Inter-American Dialogue convened a panel of experts to discuss current trends and prospects of Chinese infrastructure development in Latin America and the Caribbean. The event was moderated by Margaret Myers, director of the Inter-American Dialogue’s Asia & Latin America Program.

The Unfinished Business of Mexico’s Energy Reform

Mexico’s 2013 energy reform has led to pledges of almost $200 billion of private investment and renewable power auctions garnering bids to provide electricity at record-low prices. The Mexican government should continue to build on the successes of the reform, César Hernández, former Mexican undersecretary for electricity, and Jorge Castilla, managing director for Mexico at Accenture, said at an event hosted by the Inter-American Dialogue, the Embassy of Mexico, and the Energy Policy Research Foundation.

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The G-20 summit features high drama on the turbulent global stage, with U.S. President Donald Trump, China’s Xi Jinping and Russia’s Vladimir Putin playing leading roles.
This G-20 summit was once considered an opportunity for Latin American members Argentina, Brazil and Mexico to project a regional bloc to shape a global agenda. But that turned out to be a fleeting aspiration.