Future of Latin America

Growing international uncertainty and complexity are provoking an increasing interest in studies of the future. Profound transformations in the world economy, climate change, and new technologies will ensure that the region’s future is inextricably connected to developments taking place beyond the borders of individual nations. To address these new challenges, the Inter-American Dialogue is working to support the development of strategic thinking in Latin America, using future and foresight studies.

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Photo of Guillermo Lasso and Rebecca Bill Chavez Video

A Conversation with Ecuadorian President Guillermo Lasso

On the heels of President Guillermo Lasso’s White House meeting with President Joe Biden on December 19, 2022, President Lasso joined Inter-American Dialogue President & CEO Rebecca Bill Chavez for a conversation about the US-Ecuador bilateral relationship.

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O Brasil atua com destaque nessas áreas e continuará a ser um importante parceiro comercial e destino de investimentos chineses. . . . Com Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, um aliado ideológico, novamente no comando do Brasil, as perspectivas de cooperação na transição energética - uma área de interesse prioritário para a China - podem ter impulso em um nível que nunca tiveram.  
Many expect the [China - Latin America] relationship to always stay the same. But this overlooks structural issues in China, such as a domestic property slump and the fallout from a trade war with the United States. There are already signs that China’s engagement with some parts of the region is weakening.