Future of Latin America

Growing international uncertainty and complexity are provoking an increasing interest in studies of the future.  Profound transformations in the world economy, climate change, and new technologies will ensure that the region’s future is inextricably connected to developments taking place beyond the borders of individual nations.  To address these new challenges, the Inter-American Dialogue is working to support the development of strategic thinking in Latin America, using future and foresight studies.

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Venezuela: Between Hope and Uncertainty

On February 4, the Inter-American Dialogue hosted an event titled “Venezuela: Between Hope and Uncertainty” to discuss the possible scenarios in which the Venezuelan crisis might unfold.

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[PDVSA] is definitely looking for every creative solution it can [to replace US business]. They are not just sitting there waiting to see what happens […] I just don’t know if what they are doing is enough to completely get around the sanctions.
The crucial factor in determining bilateral relations [between El Salvador and China] will be Bukele’s initial hold on power. A landslide victory would give him considerable leeway in how he governs... Anything short of that would leave him at the mercy of establishment figures and limit his options both domestically and internationally.