A Conversation on Migration from the Andean Region

Latin America and the Caribbean has seen a dramatic increase in the number of people arriving at the US-Mexico border. Over 700,000 Venezuelans, nearly 400,000 Colombians, 300,000 Ecuadorians, and 160,000 Peruvians have made the difficult decision to migrate. Identifying the intention to migrate and its determinants in the Andean region is essential to addressing this trend.

Many of these factors stem from state fragility associated with a weakened rule of law, while others are related to chronic economic problems.

To dive deeper into these issues and their root causes, the Inter-American Dialogue will hold a private conversation with Gustav Brauckmeyer, executive director of Equilibrium CenDE, a public opinion and research firm based in Lima, and Emiliana Vegas, Harvard University professor as they present new findings from their latest research. Marta Costanzo Youth, principal deputy assistant secretary at the Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration, United States Department of State, will join the conversation to offer comments on their analyses.

We hope to have a frank question and answer session about the risk factors of migration, particularly from the Andean region. What is the extent of the intention to migrate in this region? What are the core determinants shaping the intention to migrate? What are the key differences, country to country? Do short-term crises exacerbate the intention to migrate or is the increase associated more with accumulated and unresolved problems?

The event will take place on Friday, April 26, 2024, from 9:15AM – 11:00AM where we will answer these questions and more.

This is a private, invitation only event. For more information on the event please contact meetings@thedialogue.org.



Professor of Practice, Harvard Graduate School of Education (@EmiVegasV)


Executive Director, Equilibrium CenDE (@Gbrauckmeyer)



Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary, Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration (@StatePRM)



Director, Migration, Remittances, and Development Program, Inter-American Dialogue (@manuelorozco65)

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