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Uruguay cuenta con una gran estabilidad democrática y alto nivel de libertad con respecto a América Latina. Ante un escenario complejo para la democracia en el continente, [Uruguay] se eleva con su democracia en este momento. 
The current [Russia-Ukraine] crisis underscores the geopolitical risks of dependence on foreign oil and gas and the importance of reducing it for energy security reasons, which could be an accelerating factor for the transition to renewable technologies, green hydrogen, etc.

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Inter-American Dialogue’s Health Task Force Launches Report

Today the co-chairs of the Dialogue’s Inter-American Health Task Force will present the white paper ‘Deepening Cooperation and Coordination on Health Policy in the Americas: A New Approach to Health Emergencies’ in an online event. The report is a product of the work of task force members that took place through virtual exchanges and meetings during the second quarter of 2021.

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