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“In Chile, I think you see what is now the established trend in Latin America — the complete crumbling of political parties with any kind of moderate centrist option. It’s being replaced by high levels of political uncertainty and enormous fragmentation.”
Cuando la represión legal y coercitiva se implementó [en Nicaragua] a partir de mayo de 2021 con el encarcelamiento de líderes políticos y precandidatos a la presidencia, salieron del país más de 80,000 personas. La migración a Estados Unidos creció de menos de 5,000 personas antes del 2018, a 60,000 este año.

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Inter-American Dialogue’s Health Task Force Launches Report

Today the co-chairs of the Dialogue’s Inter-American Health Task Force will present the white paper ‘Deepening Cooperation and Coordination on Health Policy in the Americas: A New Approach to Health Emergencies’ in an online event. The report is a product of the work of task force members that took place through virtual exchanges and meetings during the second quarter of 2021.

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