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The pandemic has exposed and accentuated the region’s Achilles’ heel — extremely high levels of income equality. Latin America’s youth crisis — it is not hyperbolic to refer to a possibly ‘lost generation’ — is a powder keg for the region.
That Bolsonaro is proposing to once again open the vault and resume larger [cash transfer program] payments suggests that he is betting the economy will be the crucial determinant of his electoral fortunes next year.

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Inter-American Dialogue’s Health Task Force Launches Report

Today the co-chairs of the Dialogue’s Inter-American Health Task Force will present the white paper ‘Deepening Cooperation and Coordination on Health Policy in the Americas: A New Approach to Health Emergencies’ in an online event. The report is a product of the work of task force members that took place through virtual exchanges and meetings during the second quarter of 2021.

New Task Force: Regional Response Key to Addressing Migration in North & Central America

The World Refugee & Migration Council in partnership with the Center for US-Mexican Studies, El Colegio de México, the Migration Policy Institute, and the Inter-American Dialogue launch today the North and Central American Task Force on Migration, bringing together civil society, business leaders, academics and former policymakers to push for collective, regional responses to migrants and asylum seekers.

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