Bernardo Arévalo, President-elect of Guatemala, to Deliver Keynote Remarks at the Inter-American Dialogue’s Leadership for the Americas Awards Gala

October 5, 2023 
Contact: Inter-American Dialogue

Washington, DC – The Inter-American Dialogue is pleased to announce that Bernardo Arévalo, President-elect of Guatemala, will deliver keynote remarks at the VIII Leadership for the Americas Awards Gala on November 9, 2023, which will be held at the Organization of American States (OAS) in Washington, DC. This choice of location holds significant symbolic importance, as the OAS serves as a central hub for dialogue and collaboration among the countries of the Americas in addition to being the site of the Dialogue’s inaugural gala in 2014.  

“Arévalo’s election represents a major victory for democracy at a time when democratic institutions and norms are under assault across many corners of the globe,” said Inter-American Dialogue President & CEO, Dr. Rebecca Bill Chavez. “His landslide win demonstrates that there is still a strong appetite for democracy in the region, and that voters are willing to elect leaders committed to fighting corruption and strengthening the rule of law.” 

Dr. Arévalo is a Guatemalan politician, diplomat, sociologist, and writer who has had a remarkable journey in public service. He embarked on a diplomatic career in the 1980s, holding prominent positions such as deputy minister of foreign affairs and as Guatemala’s ambassador to Spain. He played a pivotal role in humanitarian efforts with Interpeace as an advisor for peace consolidation in international conflicts, assuming various key roles within the organization.    

Since January 2020, Arévalo has been an active member of the Guatemalan Congress representing the political party Movimiento Semilla. His remarkable trajectory reached its pinnacle when he was named Semilla’s presidential candidate for the 2023 general elections, ultimately prevailing as the President-elect of Guatemala.   

The Inter-American Dialogue’s Leadership for the Americas Awards Gala celebrates individuals and organizations committed to advancing democratic governance, social equity, and shared prosperity in the Western Hemisphere. This annual event brings together diverse leaders from across the Americas whose exceptional contributions have been instrumental in addressing the most pressing challenges facing our region. 

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