Social Equity

Despite making great strides in recent years, Latin America and the Caribbean remains the most unequal region in the world. To effectively deliver on the promise of economic growth and democratic governance, the region’s institutions need better guarantee shared prosperity, protections, and rights.

The Inter-American Dialogue works to bring public attention to Latin America’s long-neglected social agenda. Our research and efforts focus specifically on taxation and social spending, women’s leadership and gender rights, and access to quality education.

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Foro sobre la Educación Inicial en Colombia Video

Foro sobre la Educación Inicial en Colombia: Segunda Sesión

El 15 de junio, la Consejería Presidencial para la Niñez y la Adolescencia, el ICBF, el Ministerio de Educación Nacional, en colaboración con Diálogo Interamericano, CEPI, y con el apoyo de la Fundación LEGO convocó la segunda sesión acerca de la calidad de la educación inicial en Colombia en contextos de crisis.

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There is no question that social fault lines were widening in many nations of Latin America prior to the arrival of Covid-19, but it is also clear that the pandemic has reinforced and increased the income, wealth, and education gaps among the region’s rich, middle class, and poor, the largest setbacks were among the most vulnerable groups—who lived in more crowded spaces, worked in the most precarious jobs, suffered the highest rates of unemployment, often were forced to live from hand to mouth, and had the least adequate access to health services and education for themselves and their children.  
Diaz-Canel’s back is against the wall here because there have been unprecedented massive protests. It was only in April that he became head of the Communist Party and he lacks the aura that the Castros had, so he’s not in a very strong position here. He does have the apparatus of the Cuban regime and the security forces, but they’ve not had to contend with such a serious challenge to their authority in the past.