Social Equity

Despite making great strides in recent years, Latin America and the Caribbean remains the most unequal region in the world. To effectively deliver on the promise of economic growth and democratic governance, the region’s institutions need better guarantee shared prosperity, protections, and rights.

The Inter-American Dialogue works to bring public attention to Latin America’s long-neglected social agenda. Our research and efforts focus specifically on taxation and social spending, women’s leadership and gender rights, and access to quality education.

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English for Employment in Mexico: Realities and Challenges

The study English for Employment in Mexico: Realities and Challenges contributes to the discussions and advances on the subject. Its recommendations translate the findings of the entire study into possible mutually complementary paths, which could be implemented from different fields and scenarios.

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No me parece muy probable que México ni Argentina cambien su postura con respecto a Nicaragua. Ambos Gobiernos han manifestado enorme desconfianza frente a la Organización de los Estados Americanos (OEA), dirigida sobre todo contra el actual secretario general, por su actuación en los casos de Venezuela y Bolivia.    
[México y Argentina] han expresado su compromiso al principio de soberanía y no intervención en los asuntos internos de países en la región, aunque en la práctica ese principio ha sido aplicado en una manera muy selectiva, de acuerdo a afinidades ideológicas.