Foto de panelistas en evento Medios y Democracia Video

Media and Democracy in the Americas VI: Independent Journalism in the Face of Democratic Decline in the Region

Amid the democratic decline in Latin America, independent journalism emerges as a crucial counterbalance, constantly facing risks and challenges. To protect independent journalism, it is necessary to explore collaboration networks, physical and technological protection measures, funding strategies, and international cooperation mechanisms.

Daniel Caballero, Guzmán Pérez

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Foto de los participantes discutiendo el nuevo informe de Guatemala sobre el inglés para la inserción laboral Video

El inglés para la inserción laboral en Guatemala: Evento presenta diagnóstico y recomendaciones para la implementación de una estrategia de fortalecimiento de la enseñanza del idioma inglés en el país

Evento presenta nuevo estudio que examina el estado de la enseñanza del inglés para el trabajo en Guatemala con un enfoque específico en el sector BPO. El informe, elaborado por Empresarios por la Educación, en colaboración con Guatemala No Se Detiene, AGEXPORT, Pearson y el Diálogo Interamericano, ofrece nueva evidencia e información sobre este tema tan clave para la competitividad futura del país.

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Photo of Inter-American and Microsoft's event on artificial intelligence in higher education institutions.

Inter-American Dialogue and Microsoft Convene Working Group on Artificial Intelligence in Higher Education to Strengthen Institutional Capacities for AI implementation in Latin America

Inter-American Dialogue and Microsoft, strategic allies on technology and education initiatives, convened a working group to strengthen institutional capacity to develop AI appropriation strategies in Latin American higher education institutions (HEIs).

Mercedes Davico, Lucas Martins Carvalho, Gemma Givens

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Panelists of the New Infrastructure Event Video

New Infrastructure—Emerging Trends in Chinese Investment in Latin America

On April 11, 2024, the Inter-American Dialogue partnered with Brazil-China Business Council (CEBC) to hold the joint event “New Infrastructure—Emerging Trends in Chinese Investment in Latin America,” which centered around the prospect and impact of China investment in LAC and specifically in Brazil, as well as the LAC region’s approach to fielding opportunities and risks associated with Chinese engagement.

Yifang Wang

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Photo of Rebecca Bill Chavez, Ramiro Marra, and Antonio Garrastazu

Perspectivas sobre Argentina con un Miembro Fundador de La Libertad Avanza

Para conocer los retos y oportunidades actuales de Argentina al igual que las prioridades de la nueva administración, el 4 de abril el Diálogo Interamericano y el Instituto Republicano Internacional (IRI) organizó una conversación con Ramiro Marra, miembro fundador de la coalición La Libertad Avanza y legislador de la ciudad de Buenos Aires.

Bernarda Jarrín

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Photo of Perspectives on Remittances in 2024 panel Video

Perspectives on Remittances in 2024

On February 16, 2024, the Inter-American Dialogue’s Migration, Remittances, and Development program invited representatives from across the remittance industry to discuss the potential for developments in the industry and to discuss their outlook for 2024.

Patrick Springer

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Photo of Bernardo Arévalo’s First Month in Office and the Path Ahead for Guatemala Discussion Video

Bernardo Arévalo’s First Month in Office and the Path Ahead for Guatemala

The Arévalo administration in Guatemala confronted a myriad of challenges even before the inauguration, including what Arévalo himself called an attempted “coup” waged by powerful economic and political actors, known as the “pact of the corrupt.” As Guatemala embarks on a new chapter, the Arévalo administration encounters increasingly high expectations for transformative change.

Bernarda Jarrín

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Panelists photo Venezuela Primaries event Video

Elections Series – The Future of Venezuela Post-Opposition Primaries

The Venezuelan opposition primaries saw a remarkable turnout, with over 2.3 million voters, resulting in María Corina Machado’s victory despite her disqualification by the regime. The Barbados Agreement and the lifting of US sanctions offer a potential breakthrough for establishing some electoral conditions. However, a transition of power cannot occur without a clear and coherent path forward beyond election day.

Daniel Caballero

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Caribbean Energy Synergies panelists Video

Caribbean Energy Synergies

To better understand the role of Guyana, Suriname, and Trinidad & Tobago both globally and in the Caribbean, the Inter-American Dialogue convened a group of experts as part of the event Caribbean Energy Synergies.

Michael Kerns

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Panelists at Wall Street Event at the Dialogue Video

Wall Street’s Influence on Democracy in Latin America

While the market inherently lacks the ability to discriminate between democratic and undemocratic regimes, the identification of autocracy as a tangible risk factor is crucial. Investors must recognize that supporting non-democratic regimes ultimately undermines their own interests.

Daniel Caballero

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Panelist at the 2023 AmericasBarometer Event Video

The Pulse of Democracy in the Americas: Results of the 2023 AmericasBarometer

In Latin America, trust in democracy takes two paths: Good Governance, meeting citizens’ expectations under the rule of law, and Populism, where a leader perceived as a savior, centralizes power to deliver on promises. This finding was among the key insights revealed during the highly anticipated launch of the 2023 AmericasBarometer.

Daniel Caballero

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Panelist at the Event Mobilizing Youth for Democracy Video

Mobilizing Youth for Democracy and Human Rights

In the midst of democratic decline in the region, young people are emerging as agents of change. Their active participation not only represents a fresh and vibrant voice in regional politics but also offers a new perspective and focus to address the challenges facing the region.

Daniel Caballero, Patrick Springer

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Foto de autoridades locales colombianos Video

La agenda ambiental y climática en Colombia: autoridades locales hablan

Colombia ha sido ejemplar en la apuesta por una transformación económica verde. Para reconocer sus esfuerzos y escuchar más sobre los retos y logros de la agenda ambiental local en Colombia, el Diálogo Interamericano reunió a cinco figuras locales para discutir sus planes y ambiciones.  

Michael Kerns

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