Democratic Governance

In recent years, the state of democratic governance in Latin America has been decidedly mixed. Discussion has turned away from elections and the leftward swings in several countries. Electoral contests are increasingly a matter of routine, and ideology has become notably less salient. The debate now centers on how leaders and institutions confront the complicated tasks of managing their economic and socialaff airs while representing heterogeneous societies with heightened demands and expectations.

The Inter-American Dialogue closely monitors the state of democratic governance and the rule of law in the countries of the Western Hemisphere. Our analysis, reports, and exchanges serve to encourage compliance with regional and international democratic commitments. In recent years, the Dialogue has placed emphasis on elections, press freedom, public opinion within Latin America’s growing middle class, and the implications of political shifts.

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A Conversation with Ricardo Lagos

On July 12, former President of Chile Ricardo Lagos visited the Inter-American Dialogue and discussed a variety of issues related to Chile, Latin America, and the future of the region and its place in the world.

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La respuesta internacional [al uso de la violencia en el régimen de Ortega] ha sido gradual, pero en estos dos meses la comunidad ya ha planteado la necesidad de protección a los DD.HH., el diálogo nacional para reformas políticas y el apoyo a la resistencia nacional…. Ahora la comunidad entró a una segunda etapa, y esto se observa con la reacción de EE.UU., la asamblea de la OEA y la posición de Almagro.