Energy, Climate Change & Extractive Industries

The Inter-American Dialogue’s Energy, Climate Change & Extractive Industries Program seeks to improve understanding and communication on energy and climate policy issues in Latin America through research, public events, and roundtable discussions. By producing balanced analysis and convening policymakers, corporate leaders, and industry experts, we inform and shape policies that promote energy security and climate change mitigation while encouraging economically, socially, and environmentally responsible development of natural resources.


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La dañada industria energética en Venezuela

Directora del Programa de Energía Lisa Viscidi habló con El Financiero TV sobre la condición grave de la industria energética en Venezuela, las medidas que serían necesarias para recuperarla y las barreras a estas mismas. 

Secretary Gustavo Lopetegui Explains the Argentine Energy Market’s Competitive Edge

Argentina’s economic crisis and the fiscal belt-tightening it demands have led to gradual cuts to wholesale electricity and natural gas subsidies for consumers and a liberalization of energy prices over the course of Mauricio Macri’s administration. This has helped make Argentina more attractive as a destination for energy investment despite its economic tumult, said Argentine Secretary of Energy Gustavo Lopetegui at an event organized by the Inter-American Dialogue on March 14.


The Outlook for Renewable Energy under the AMLO Administration

AMLO’s skepticism of private investment, the cancellation of generation and transmission auctions, the return to state-led electricity development through bolstering of the CFE, and a focus on power generation using domestic fossil fuel sources threaten to squander Mexico’s renewable potential and drag its clean development efforts backwards. 

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