Francisco J. Monaldi

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Photo of Francisco Monaldi. Francisco Monaldi
Francisco J. Monaldi, PhD, is the director of the Latin America Energy Program and a fellow at the Center for Energy Studies at Rice University’s Baker Institute for Public Policy.Read more +

Caribbean Energy Synergies

Daniela Stevens, David Goldwyn, David Gumbs, Vera Rechsteiner ˙ ˙

Photo of Ölplattform Curacao, an offhsore oil rig. Dronepicr / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY 2.0 DEED
Join the Inter-American Dialogue on February 29th from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM EST to explore Caribbean Energy Synergies, as foremost experts and industry leaders share what the region can do to prepare for an energy secure and diversified future amid a shifting global order. Read more +

David Gumbs

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Photo of David Gumbs Courtesy of David Gumbs
David Gumbs serves as the Director of RMI's Islands Energy Program, advising governments, utilities, and the private sector on renewable energy strategies to enhance cost-efficiency and resilience.Read more +

Unlocking Forests’ Potential in Latin America and the Caribbean  

Juanita Fonseca ˙ ˙ Voces

A cloud forest in Costa Rica Florent Mechain / Flickr / CC BY 2.0 DEED
Tropical forests, which cover 6 percent of Earth, are our planet’s largest natural carbon sink and our first line of defense against climate change. Even with massive human effort at reducing emissions, reaching the 1.5-degree target is not possible without forest restoration.    Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC), whose forests…Read more +

Saúl Kattan

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Photo of Saul Kattan
Saul Kattan is one of the most recognized business executives in Latin America. He is a top strategist and corporate turnaround specialist. He is also an expert in growth and transformation, and, in his 25 years of experience, has served as a board member for a wide range of companies.Read more +

Juan Manuel Rojas Payán

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Photo of Juan Manuel Rojas Payán
Juan Manuel Rojas Payán has been since 2021 president of Promigas, one of the oldest private companies in the Latin American natural gas sector and a pioneer in the mass use of natural gas in Colombia.​Read more +

Q&A with David Goldwyn: Will Maduro’s Electioneering Decrease Appetite for Guyanese Oil?

David Goldwyn ˙ ˙ Voces

Photo of Nicolas Maduro Federico Parra / Flickr / CC BY-NC 2.0 DEED
On December 3, President Nicolás Maduro held a referendum asking citizens whether the Essequibo region should be “reclaimed” as part of Venezuelan territory. Whether prompted by the 2015 discovery of abundant oil reserves, or the need to gain popularity before the 2024 presidential elections, Maduro ordered Petróleos de Venezuela, SA…Read more +

David Goldwyn

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Photo of David Goldwyn
David Goldwyn is president of Goldwyn Global Strategies, LLC (GGS), an international energy advisory consultancy, and Chairman of the Atlantic Council Global Energy Center’s Energy Advisory Group. He is a globally recognized thought leader, educator and policy innovator in energy security and extractive industry transparency.Read more +

Juan Carlos Reyes Nova

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Foto de Juan Carlos Reyes Nova
Juan Carlos Reyes Nova es subdirector de gestión del riesgo y seguridad territorial de la Corporación Autónoma Regional para la Defensa de la Meseta de Bucaramanga (CDMB).Read more +

Luis Alfonso Escobar

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Foto de Luis Alfonso Escobar
Luis Alfonso Escobar es el gobernador electo del departamento de Nariño y economista de la Universidad del Valle.Read more +

Arnold Rincón

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Foto de Arnold Rincon
Arnold Rincón es un ingeniero agroforestal, especialista en manejo y ordenación de cuencas hidrográficas y candidato a magíster en gestión de cuencas.Read more +

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