Caribbean Energy Synergies


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The Caribbean region is on the frontline of a global geopolitical realignment. Guyana, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago, as the region’s sole producers, will play prominent roles on the global energy map and have already attracted the attention of both established energy companies and new buyers alike. While Trinidad has a long history as a natural gas supplier, Guyana and Suriname are relatively new oil producers.  

Despite calls for a green transition, these countries’ attributes position them as key protagonists in satisfying world fossil fuel demand. First, their light crude emits less greenhouse gases (and commands a higher price) compared to heavier crudes. Second, their democratic stability and cordial relationships with the United States attract investors seeking reliable production.  

Join the Inter-American Dialogue on February 29 from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM EST to explore Caribbean Energy Synergies, as foremost experts and industry leaders share what the region can do to prepare for an energy secure and diversified future amid a shifting global order. 

Panelists will explore how business and political leaders are balancing hydrocarbon E&P with urgent calls for a more efficient, sustainable, and green energy matrix in the Caribbean, and how the recent territorial claim made by Venezuela over Guyana –as well as US sanctions– could affect business and regional trade. Moreover, experts will propose ways in which the region can navigate the US-China rivalry to secure supply chains, and strategies to leverage regional integration to strengthen trade, energy security, and foster a just energy transition. 

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Opening Remarks and Moderator

Daniela Stevens

Director, Energy Transition & Climate Program, Inter-American Dialogue

Panel Discussion

David Goldwyn

President, Goldwyn Global Strategies, LLC (@dlgoldwyn)

David Gumbs

Director, Rocky Mountain Institute Islands Energy Program (@DavidGumbsRE)

Vera Rechsteiner

Partner, Hunton Andrews Kurth


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