The Inter-American Dialogue’s Education Program aims to improve the quality of learning and skills development across Latin America. We do so by partnering with public and private organizations throughout the hemisphere to promote informed debate on education policy, identify and disseminate best practices, and monitor progress toward improvement. Our cutting-edge analysis of education policy and broad network of policymakers, education experts, business leaders, academics, and journalists have made it the strongest private voice on education in the region.

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The Transformation of Learning with the Use of Educational Technology

The state of education in Latin America is mixed. While there has been significant progress in terms of coverage and schooling rates, the quality of education still leaves much to be desired. What should we do to prepare the coming generations? What skills do people need to develop in order to actively participate in society and compete in the labor market? How should education be transformed, and why is technology—when used correctly—the key to this process? This blog seeks to answer these questions in a practical way, emphasizing the importance of adopting technology to transform learning.

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Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) in Education

There are many reasons why and ways in which partnerships between the public and private sectors can benefit education programs. The sheer scale of the challenge to improve the quality of education justifies the need to collaborate. Additionally, more than just working in parallel towards a common goal, the two…


How to effectively lead an education system: Advice from Otto Granados

Whose advice should education decision-makers in Latin America—and in middle-income countries in general—be taking? In an interesting initiative, Fernando Reimers has compiled a book of letters and recommendations to ministers and decision-makers in education (Letters to a New Minister in Education: Learning to Lead Education Systems). The Dialogue’s Education program…

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Guatemala: Informe de Progreso de Políticas de Primera Infancia

Guatemala enfrenta un reto monumental: organizar un sistema integral de atención de salud y educación que permita a las niñas y niños adquirir las habilidades para mejorar su calidad de vida. A continuación, se presenta el Informe de Progreso de Políticas de Primera Infancia en Guatemala.

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