Alejandra Vargas Durango

Colombia  |  Junior Consultant, Education Program, Inter-American Dialogue

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Maria Alejandra Vargas Durango joined the Education Program at the Inter-American Dialogue as a junior consultant in 2021. She is a researcher at the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation in Colombia. Prior to the Dialogue, Vargas worked at Global Opportunity Youth Network – Bogotá. She also led Palancas Colombia, a project of Fundación Felipe González, and she was an intern in the national conditional cash transfer program. Vargas is co-author of the book Podemos Ser: Mujeres jóvenes influyentes en la política colombiana.

Vargas graduated from Universidad de Los Andes with a double degree in economics, and government and public affairs. She is a former Fundación Botín’s scholar for the program Consolidation of Civil Service in Latin America.

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