Alejandra Vargas Durango

Colombia |  Junior Consultant, Education Program, Inter-American Dialogue

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Maria Alejandra Vargas Durango joined the Education Program at the Inter-American Dialogue as a junior consultant in 2021. She is a researcher at the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation in Colombia. Prior to the Dialogue, Vargas worked at Global Opportunity Youth Network – Bogotá. She also led Palancas Colombia, a project of Fundación Felipe González, and she was an intern in the national conditional cash transfer program. Vargas is co-author of the book Podemos Ser: Mujeres jóvenes influyentes en la política colombiana.

Vargas graduated from Universidad de Los Andes with a double degree in economics, and government and public affairs. She is a former Fundación Botín’s scholar for the program Consolidation of Civil Service in Latin America.

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Cover of compendio competencias digitales docentes

Digital Teaching Competencies Compendium

This report, elaborated by Latin America Coalition for Teaching Excellence, studies initiatives that have strengthened teachers’ digital skills in Latin America. Specifically, it addresses the digital competency frameworks that exist in the region, teacher training experiences, and the evaluation processes implemented to measure progress in digital teaching skills.

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Workforce Development in the Post-Pandemic

On September 8, the Education Program, together with Coursera, convened a public online event to present the findings of Coursera’s Global Skills Report and showcase new trends in the labor market.

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