Elvira Mendoza Romero

Colombia |  Dean, Institución Educativa Rosedal


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Elvira Mendoza Romero is the dean at Institución Educativa Rosedal, which is part of to the Minuto de Dios Educational Corporation. She is an educator with 16 years of experience in education, 14 of them as a teaching director of sectors in the process of social transformation in the city of Cartagena. Her diversified training in English, social and natural sciences, and chemistry, as well as her constant concern for social and environmental research, studies in neuropedagogy, literacy teaching, and information and communications technologies, have allowed her to be a dedicated reader of the needs, expectations, and interests of her educational community in the face of challenges. 

Mendoza Romero has a bachelor’s degree in natural sciences and the environment and is a specialist in applying information and communication technologies in teaching. She holds a master’s degree in digital technologies used in education and human capital.

Mendoza Romero was an event speaker at the Dialogue. 

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