Genaro Hurtado

Mexico |  Founder and CEO, Brivé


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Genaro Hurtado is the founder and CEO of Brivé, a company with SAAS Software. Brivé specializes in Human Resources solutions and staff talent development using AI technology and has operations in over 6,000 companies.

Hurtado is a shareholder of, a K-12 school with a new educational model enabling children to learn by doing. He is also part of a venture capital fund (Angel Ventures) focused on supporting the growth of technology-based companies in Latin America. During the pandemic, Genaro created Mexico Puede as a free digital Program for all businesses and entrepreneurs. This program has benefited more than 458,000 people.

In 2021, Hurtado received the ILAN Israel + Latin American Network prize for Mexico Puede.

Hurtado was an event speaker at the Dialogue.