North America

The Inter-American Dialogue’s work in North America examines opportunities and challenges facing the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Issues include energy, security, economics and trade, and international relations. 

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Row of solar PV panels

Energy and Climate Change: Latin America as a Strategic Player

In an interview with The Science of Where Magazine, Lisa Viscidi, director of the Energy, Climate Change, and Extractive Industries Program, and Sarah Phillips, program assistant, discussed Latin America’s progress toward the energy transition and its geopolitical implications. 

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Most companies are aware of all the problems with the policies [favoring the state-owned Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) over private sector renewable energy] and are not going to take the risk of building a new plant in Mexico.
The reality is that the US has had few, if any successes, at nation-building in Latin America or anywhere else, at least since the Marshall Plan. It is important to pose an uncomfortable question: where has the US succeeded in what it is trying to do today in Central America?