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The Inter-American Dialogue’s work in North America examines opportunities and challenges facing the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Issues include energy, security, economics and trade, and international relations. 

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The rise and rise of national populism

A global resurgence of populism and nationalism has galvanised support for leaders with policies inimical to the rule of law. Global Insight assesses the risks and how they can be countered. Michael Camilleri, director of the Peter D. Bell Rule of Law Program at the Inter-American Dialogue, spoke with Ruth Green from the International Bar Association, to discuss this issue. 

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Sanctions have created problems for the government but are also hurting the Venezuelan population which is already deep in pervasive poverty, hunger, lack of medicine, etc. I think the point is that you have to wait this one out and watch how this really evolves. You can’t press it very hard because it’s just going to make it worse for ordinary Venezuelans.
My own sense is that this pressure on Venezuela is also a very strong effort to change the government of Cuba. This does not simply have to do with Venezuela, and this, of course, is involved with the reelection campaign. Cubans in Florida and the increasing Venezuelan population in Florida can be important factors in the 2020 election.