• This PREAL Policy Brief looks at what makes a good teacher and how that can help improve test scores of students.

    May 1 2014
  • Report analyzes nine areas of the education system in Paraguay and unveils a variety challenges and improvements for quality education.

    May 7 2013 PREAL Blog
  • PREAL Policy Audit analysis of the Preferential School Subsidy Program in Chile. What lessons can other countries take from it?

    Mar 15 2013 PREAL Blog
  • Report on the achievements and challenges of the national education system in Jamaica. What are the policy recommendations?

    Jan 21 2013 PREAL Blog
  • Examination of education interventions in Latin America developed by business organization and networks.

    Dec 21 2012 PREAL Blog
  • Series that focuses on using Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in education policies and programs.

    Nov 16 2012 PREAL Blog
  • PREAL Working Paper explores education reforms in Chile – how the agreements were forged and what is necessary for the future.

    Nov 1 2012 PREAL Blog
  • Link to PREAL edition highlighting private sector initiatives seeking to promote contributions teachers make to society in Latin America.

    Oct 8 2012 PREAL Blog