PREAL Publicaciones: Business, Business Foundations, and Education in Latin America

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We are pleased to share with you PREAL Working Paper No. 64, “Businesses, Business Foundations, and Education in Latin America” (in Spanish). Prepared as part of PREAL’s Business-Education Alliance, the document identifies and analyzes the nature and results of education interventions developed by business organizations and networks.

It examines their achievements and links to corporate social responsibility initiatives, and to citizens movements to improve school management and learning. Finally, it draws practical lessons from best practices of countries in the region.

The document was prepared by Guillermo Carvajalino and Istar Gómez, both of Fundación DIS, and incorporates information from PREAL’s best practices database on business-education alliances, which contains some 200 cases of public-private alliances dedicated to improving the quality, equity, and effectiveness of schools.

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