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We are pleased to share PREAL’s Working Paper No. 61, “How the World’s Most Improved School Systems Keep Getting Better.” The document makes this important McKinsey & Company study available in Spanish for the first time. PREAL circulated the original document in English when it was released in late 2010. View the report in English here.  

The report studies 20 education systems from throughout the world that have achieved significant, sustained, and widespread improvements in student learning, and analyzes why they have succeeded where so many others have failed. It concludes that leaders should consider three elements of development when seeking to improve—from poor to fair, from fair to good, from good to great or from great to excellent—depending on the starting point.

The first element—the “performance stage” —identifies the starting point for the system based on academic results. The second is the “group of interventions” required to raise student performance from that starting point. The third element addresses how to adapt the interventions to the local context. To understand the complex paths toward improving education systems, there are two additional themes: sustainability and implementation of the reforms.

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