PREAL Launches Education Report Card in Paraguay

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Policymakers, educators, business leaders, and academics met today in Asunción to launch PREAL’s first report card on education in Paraguay, “The Challenge is Equity” (El Desafío es la Equidad).

Prepared by Paraguayan partner Instituto Desarrollo, the report analyzes nine key areas of the country’s education system, including coverage, completion, student achievement, equity and finance. As with all of PREAL’s Report Cards, the document is intended to inspire an informed debate on education policy among a variety of governmental and non-governmental actors.

The report highlights that although more Paraguayan young people attend and stay in school than in the past, national and international tests show low levels of learning, and the country faces continuing challenges in reaching rural and indigenous youth. Additional challenges include improving teacher policies, strengthening local school management, and increasing investment in order to ensure a quality education for each Paraguayan child.

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