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The Influx of Haitian Migrants in Chile

Tamar Ziff, Camille Preel-Dumas, ˙ ˙ Voces

Felipe Salgado / CC BY 2.0 / Flickr
Chile, which has historically received fewer immigrants than its neighboring countries, partly due to its natural Andean “wall,” has recently seen an incredible influx of Haitian migrants. Chile’s migrant population is now 10% Haitian, in close competition with the 12% that is Venezuelan. Why are Haitians choosing Chile in such great numbers, and how has the host country responded?Read more +

How to Finance Higher Education?

Agustín Barroilhet, Ricardo Espinoza ˙ ˙ PREAL Blog

Two mechanisms allow countries to fund higher education ‘free at the point of delivery’ with limited fiscal costs: Graduate Tax and Income Contingent Loans.Read more +

PREAL Publicaciones: ¿Qué sabemos sobre los directores de escuela?

Federico Sucre ˙ ˙

Por José Weinstein y Gonzalo Muñoz (Resumido por Federico Sucre) La última Nota de Política PREAL resume las seis afirmaciones que José Weinstein y Gonzalo Muñoz proponen en la introducción del libro ¿Qué sabemos sobre los directores de escuela en Chile? El libro recoge las contribuciones de 21 autores que…Read more +

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