Press Mentions

Addressing the climate emergency will require the deployment of low and zero carbon energy sources on all fronts, and nuclear provides a carbon-free, firm energy source to back up intermittent renewables. With coal demand still growing globally, we need to dramatically reduce fossil fuel consumption for power generation and nuclear should be a part of the mix.
El desplome de la demanda eléctrica a causa de la cuarentena (por Covid-19) impacta con fuerza, cancelando las subastas de renovables - un mecanismo de compra-venta de electricidad entre proveedores y distribuidores.
Hay muchos actores que compran contratos [de futuros de petróleo] para especular, sin intención de quedarse el petróleo. Y entre ellos se ha disparado la preocupación por que no pudieran deshacerse de ellos.
In the Caribbean region, where some countries use diesel or heavy fuel oil for power generation, drops in fossil fuel prices have historically tended to reduce the sense of urgency to adopt cleaner sources of energy. I would be concerned, especially in those countries, that there would be less of an impetus to switch to renewables.
The drop [in oil prices] is a consequence of a rift between OPEC+'s two biggest producers, Russia and Saudi Arabia, pushing prices below the break-even point of promising basins such as Brazil's pre-salt and Argentina's Vaca Muerta.