Energy & Resources Committee

The Energy & Resources Committee is a select group of corporations and organizations that support and engage with the Dialogue on critical energy, climate change, and extractive industries issues in the region. The committee provides a specialized platform for discussion with key actors in the energy and mining sphere as well as access to policy perspectives and forward-thinking analysis.

Our members:

  • Help shape the agenda for the program’s public events, private sessions, and research and publications.
  • Connect with political and business leaders and other experts in Washington and throughout Latin America through our private roundtable discussions, meetings, and public events.
  • Receive briefings, information, and analysis from the Dialogue’s staff and network of experts on energy and natural resources-related topics.
  • Are recognized for their generous support on the program website and all related materials.

For more information on the Energy & Resources Committee, please contact Daniela Stevens, program director, at

About the Energy, Climate Change & Extractive Industries Program

The Energy, Climate Change & Extractive Industries Program seeks to improve understanding and communication on energy policy issues in Latin America through research, data evaluation, and public and private gatherings. By producing balanced analysis and convening policymakers, corporate leaders and industry experts, the program frames policy debates on investment and sustainable development of natural resources.

  • Sustainable Investment: Oil and mining revenues are critical for economic growth and development in Latin America. The program contributes to improving information and communication to help policymakers attract investment while addressing environmental, social and economic concerns.
  • Energy Security and Access: Access to reliable, clean, and affordable electricity and transportation fuels is a concern for many Latin American countries, particularly where domestic natural resources are inadequate. The program promotes dialogue to enhance energy integration and expands information on ways to improve access to clean, secure energy supplies.

Energy & Resources Committee Members

Picture of Energy Committee Members