Rosa Margarita Bonetti de Santana

Dominican Republic |  Executive Vice-President, Propagas Group; President, Propagas Foundation,

+1-202-822-9002 ˙ ˙

Rosa Margarita Bonetti de Santana “Doña Pirigua” is executive vice-president of Propagas Group and president of Propagas Foundation. Propagas Business Group is a hydrocarbons conglomerate that operates 6 major companies in the Dominican Republic dedicated to the commercialization of oil-derived products such as liquid gas, diesel, gasoline, fuel oil, jet fuel, natural gas and others. As president of the Propagas Foundation, Mrs. Bonetti de Santana has guided the foundation’s corporate social responsibility efforts and educational programs geared toward environmental protection. 

Bonetti de Santa was an event speaker at the Dialogue.