Bernardo Arévalo de León

Guatemala |  President-elect, Republic of Guatemala


Bernardo Arévalo de León is a Guatemalan politician, diplomat, sociologist, and writer who currently serves as the President-elect of the Republic of Guatemala, a position he attained after a remarkable journey in public service.  

Arévalo earned his sociology degree from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and embarked on a diplomatic career in the 1980s, holding prominent positions such as deputy minister of foreign affairs and Guatemala’s ambassador to Spain. Following his diplomatic service, Arévalo earned a PhD in philosophy and social anthropology from the University of Utrecht, Netherlands. He has played a pivotal role in humanitarian efforts with Interpeace as an advisor for peace consolidation in international conflicts, assuming various key roles within the organization.  

Since January 2020, Arévalo has been an active member of the Guatemalan Congress representing the political party Movimiento Semilla. His remarkable trajectory reached its pinnacle when he was named Semilla’s presidential candidate for the 2023 general elections, ultimately prevailing as the President-elect of Guatemala. 

Arévalo delivered the keynote remarks at the VIII Leadership for the Americas Awards Gala in 2023.