Prosperity and Progress in Intermediate Cities

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Prosperity and Progress in Intermediate Cities

In May 2023, the Inter-American Dialogue began activities as part of the project Prosperity and Progress in Intermediate Cities. The project has been implemented with the support of the Cities Alliance and the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) and is being carried out in the municipalities of San Marcos and Amatitlán in Guatemala.

The initiative targets human capital through financial inclusion, gender equality, and environmental management tools to promote the economic development of communities in a fair and secure setting. Our approach is based on the understanding that investments in human capacity by improving financial access, ensuring gender equality, and addressing climate adaptation have an impact on development that mitigates the intention to migrate and increases the quality of peoples’ lives.

This initiative is based on the premise that remittance inflows to Guatemala can be leveraged and financially activated in partnership with actors in the remittance transaction ecosystem that serve women and other vulnerable groups. It seeks to improve the financial management of beneficiaries, promote the formalization of savings, facilitate access to sources of financing, develop the skills and abilities of young people of migratory age, strengthen environmental management, and build the collective construction of knowledge for the incorporation of migration into local development.

This project consists of four components that promote economic growth and mitigate irregular migration. In doing so, the initiative offers a path to opportunity, prosperity, and economic inclusion for vulnerable populations prone to migrate as a result of economic weakness, calamity, and neglect. Please find a progress report on some of the components of our initiative:

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