Implemented with support from the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), “Opportunities for My Community” is a three-year project that brings together remittances, migrants, education and savings to promote economic and human development in Guatemala. Focusing on 11 municipalities and Guatemala City, the project consists of four Components:

  1. Financial education for remittance recipients in order to improve their knowledge of savings and budgeting, and to promote formal savings;
  2. Improvement of credit access for entrepreneurs, particularly those in the knowledge economy;
  3. Diaspora outreach in order to mobilize their resources to fund education initiatives in Guatemala; and
  4. Extracurricular programs for youth in areas of high emigration.

The ultimate objective is to have a critical mass of people formally saving, investing in education, and contributing to Guatemala’s human capital and economic development as it transitions to a more knowledge-based economy.