Biden’s First 100 Days and Latin America Policy

Michael Shifter ˙ ˙ Voces

Joe Biden Lisa Ferdinando / Flickr / CC BY 2.0
Given the huge demands on Washington  – domestic and international  – and today’s ravaged, fragmented, and leaderless region, this is probably not the right time for bold, ambitious initiatives. But the Biden administration should move quickly to renew partnerships with select countries, emphasizing recovery from Covid-19 and restoring economic and political stability.Read more +

The Biden Administration has pledged significant aid to Central America. But where should it go and how should it get there?

Rachel Schwartz ˙ ˙ Voces

Floods El Salvador GWP / Flickr / CC BY-NC 2.0
Given its commitment to reviving multilateralism and bringing together diverse stakeholders, the Biden administration is well-positioned to use these instruments to implement its more holistic regional agenda. After decades of privileging police and military assistance and waiting for government uptake of institutional strengthening efforts, it is time to look beyond Central American states and reinvest in civil society-based anti-corruption coalitions that can be the engines of political and economic change.Read more +

It’s time to restore asylum protections for domestic violence survivors at the US border

Catharine Christie, Sofia Lalinde ˙ ˙ Voces

Female asylum seeker sitting in front of a fence Daniel Arauz / Flickr / CC BY 2.0
The intersection of domestic violence and migration in the Northern Triangle necessitates the protection of survivors seeking asylum. Biden’s stated commitments to gender-based issues and promises made on immigration reform prior to the election call on the administration to immediately restore asylum protections for domestic violence survivors.Read more +

27N: claves para entender una protesta en Cuba

Lenier González ˙ ˙ Voces

Calles de La Habana Pedro Szekely / Flickr / CC 2.0
Trump nos ha recordado a todos que el gobierno cubano no ha dialogado, no dialoga, ni dialogará con una pistola en la cabeza. Esto, más que un enunciado rimbombante, es un dato histórico luego de 1959. En ese sentido, el camino trazado por Barack Obama con respecto a Cuba, por su clarividencia y capacidad estratégica, sigue siendo el que más convergencia guarda con los intereses de los pueblos cubano y norteamericano.Read more +

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