Think Tank Haiti (TTH)

In ​recent months, the crisis in Haiti has reached new lows. Gangs have more power than ever, the prime minister has torpedoed his own dialogue with civil society, shortages in food, fuel, and even water are widespread, and cholera has reappeared after more than a three-year absence. The international community has renewed its interest in Haiti and is expected to decide soon if a new peacekeeping mission will be sent by the UN. ​These interconnected challenges, on top of repeated natural disasters, have neither quick nor clear solutions. 

Within this context, the Inter-American Dialogue has been working jointly with Haiti’s Université Quisqueya to develop an independent, non-partisan initiative we call Think Tank Haiti (TTH). The mission of TTH is to reinforce and build upon Haiti’s capacity to analyze, understand, and respond to the multiple, devastating challenges confronting the nation today. In the long term, TTH’s objectives include advancing an agenda of democratic governance, increasing social and gender equity, public security, and sustained economic growth.