Gastón Ocampo

Argentina |  Former Program & Executive Associate, Office of the President, Inter-American Dialogue


Gastón Ocampo served as the program and database assistant for the Office of the President and later became its program and executive associate until July 2023. Ocampo is now Secretary General of the Institute for the Promotion of Latin America (IPDAL)– Portugal’s leading think and action tank focused on Latin America and the Caribbean.

Ocampo graduated Magna Cum Laude from Roanoke College with a BA in International Relations and a BBA in Business Administration, where he focused on socio-economic development and democratic governability in Latin America and the MENA region. While at Roanoke, he also studied in the UK, Portugal, and Uganda, and gained experience at the Instituto para a Promoção da América Latina e Caraíbas (IPDAL) where he still volunteers. Additionally, he also interned at Hilton’s Corporate Headquarters and The Dialogue. He is fluent in English and Spanish and has working proficiency in Portuguese.

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Mayors Summit

Mayors Summit: Shared Challenges, Shared Solutions

On June 7, 2022, the Inter-American Dialogue, in partnership with the Office of the Mayor of Los Angeles and CAF-Development Bank of Latin America, hosted the first Mayors Summit ahead of the IX Summit of the Americas. 

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Fernández habla en movilización del Frente de Todos

Few Changes After Argentina’s Legislative Elections

On the night of November 14, Argentine President Alberto Fernández euphorically celebrated an electoral defeat. Earlier that day, in the legislative elections, the ruling Peronist coalition –Frente de Todos– obtained only 33.5 percent of the national vote against 42 percent of the opposition coalition Juntos por el Cambio. Why was the president celebrating, then, apart from lifting the spirits of Peronist supporters?

˙Bruno Binetti