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Founder and Partner of Argia

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Ángel Melguizo is a non-resident senior fellow with the Asia and Latin America Program at the Inter-American Dialogue and a senior economist consultant based in Colombia and Spain, specializing in public policies, economic growth and digital regulation.

Melguizo is founder and partner of Argia, a consulting firm on green, tech and economics. He is also a senior advisor for UNESCO on artificial intelligence and a consultant for multilateral organizations on digital and greentech policies. Melguizo is a visiting fellow of the European Council on Foreign Relations, and a board member of CCLATAM think tank. He serves as an external advisor for leading telecommunication & media companies on regulation and digital strategy.

Melguizo has nearly 25 years of experience at both private and public sector. He was vice president for External and Regulatory Affairs at AT&T VRIO Latin America, responsible for the company’s positioning on digital regulatory topics, with a focus on Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay and the Caribbean. During that period, he was elected president of the telecommunications association ASIET and co-chair of the OECD EMnet Digital Transformation working group. Previously, he was head for Latin America at the OECD Development Centre, where he coordinated the flagship Latin American Economic Outlook; lead specialist at the Inter-American Development Bank; and Principal Economist at BBVA Research, specializing on new technologies, economic growth, and fiscal policy. He also served as senior advisor at the Economic Bureau of the Spanish Prime Minister. 

Melguizo received his PhD and BA in economics from the Universidad Complutense, Madrid (Spain). He has published articles in academic journals including Journal of Economic Studies, Telecommunications Policy, Journal of Cyber Policy, Journal of Finance Economics and Pensions, and SERIEs – Journal of the Spanish Economic Association, and is a regular contributor to top media platforms, such as CNN Latin America, Forbes, and El País.

In the policy realm, he has participated in several reforms across Latin America on telecommunications and digital policy, taxes, skills, and social policies.

Melguizo was an expert of the Lancet Commission on Covid-19 on the Regional Task Force for Latin America, and full member of the US National Business Economic Issues Council (NBEIC).

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