Chinese Finance to LAC in 2015

Chinese finance to Latin America neared $30 billion in 2015. The region has received upwards of $125 billion in finance from Chinese policy banks since 2005.

Margaret Myers, Kevin Gallagher, Fei Yuan

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Dilma and Brazil: A View from Washington

The US visit of Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff nine months ago, as it turned out, had little consequence.

Peter Hakim

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Nicolás Mariscal, Roberto Salinas León, Alfredo Coutiño, Antonio Ortiz-Mena, Rogelio Ramírez de la O

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2013-2014 Annual Report

We are pleased to present this report, highlighting our contributions to the policy debates that defined 2013 and 2014.

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Should Latin America Worry about President Trump?

If elected, Donald Trump will likely enter the Oval Office without much of an agenda for Latin America or, for that matter, for most of the rest of the world.

Peter Hakim

˙ A América Latina deve se preocupar com Trump?

China’s Strategy in Brazil & the Southern Cone

What does China stand to gain from investing in Latin America’s energy projects? Where is China looking next in the region?

Lisa Viscidi, Margaret Myers, Chris Noon

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The Death of Populism?

Latin America’s left has every reason to be worried by current trends. Its power and credibility have declined sharply in many countries.

Peter Hakim

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Cuba & the US Rejoin the Hemisphere

The historic rapprochement between Cuba and the US will have permanent implications for hemispheric relations.

Peter Hakim

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