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Thinking Differently About Nicaragua’s Development Challenges

Manuel Orozco, Gloriana Sojo ˙ ˙ Voces

Bosque de pinos de las Crucetas da la leña. El manejo sostenible de los bosques,y la formacion de cooperativas indigenas forestales, permitira la conservacion de las áreas de boscosas en La comunidad de Layasiksa,y Las Crucetas. foto.LA PRENSA.Manuel Esquivel
While its GDP growth has generally been higher than that of its neighbors, it is not enough to get the country out of poverty. Nicaragua needs to leverage its human capital to the fullest.Read more +

Canada’s Migration Policy Model

Laura Porras ˙ ˙ Voces

At the core of a country's sovereignty and identity is determining who comes, who stays, and who is eligible for citizenship. Canada is a prime example of a successful migration policy in action.Read more +

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