• A UNESCO report on the importance of quality education in Mexico and the challenges the country faces to attain it.

    Mar 19 2014 PREAL Blog
  • A book on 49 specific techniques used by great teachers.

    Jan 6 2014
  • Guillermo Perry argues improving teacher quality will improve education in Colombia and lists four key steps to achieve that.

    Dec 17 2013 PREAL Blog
  • Key takeaways for the eight Latin American countries that participated in the 2012 PISA.

    Dec 4 2013 PREAL Blog
  • The merit of value-added approaches to evaluate teacher performance.

    Nov 27 2013 PREAL Blog
  • Historic Guatemalan agreement aimed at building consensus on social issues, including education quality.

    Nov 15 2013 PREAL Blog
  • Webcast on the latest research on teacher evaluations and how to improve them.

    Nov 13 2013 PREAL Blog
  • An analysis of student examinations worldwide shows some countries’ efforts to improve quality go unnoticed due to low scores.

    Nov 7 2013 PREAL Blog
  • Webcast on the importance of and challenges to monitoring student learning, and research on how to best carry out assessments.

    Nov 6 2013 PREAL Blog
  • A study on the inputs and policies associated with the effectiveness of charter schools in New York City.

    Oct 24 2013 PREAL Blog
  • An investigative report on the way public funds are used for education in Mexico.

    Oct 7 2013 PREAL Blog
  • Study explores how talented students decide whether to enter the teaching profession. What factors are important?

    Jun 7 2013 PREAL Blog
  • Op-ed on proposal to make high-quality early education available across the board in the US.

    May 3 2013 PREAL Blog
  • Ted Talk on how PISA can provide governments and schools with feedback that will help improve learning.

    Mar 29 2013 PREAL Blog
  • Focus on teacher evaluations and professional standards in the Third Annual International Summit on the Teaching Profession.

    Mar 8 2013 PREAL Blog