International Summit on the Teaching Profession

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The OECD’s Third Annual International Summit on the Teaching Profession, to be held in Amsterdam on March 13-14, will focus on teacher evaluations and professional standards. The Summit will be based on the report Teachers for the 21st Century: Using Evaluation to Improve Teaching.

Discussions will be guided by three fundamental questions: 1) How is teacher quality defined by policymakers, the teaching profession and society? What standards are set and by whom? 2) How is teacher quality evaluated? What systems are in place and how are the evaluations carried out? 3) How do evaluations contribute to school improvement and teacher self-efficacy? What impact can be expected on teaching and learning from teacher evaluation?

A one-hour webinar will be transmitted on Wednesday, March 13 at 1 pm Eastern Daylight Time (New York) featuring discussions of teacher evaluations. The panelists will be Andreas Schleicher, OECD Deputy Director for Education and Skills, and Kristen Weatherby, Senior Analyst for the OECD’s Teaching and Learning International Survey (TALIS).


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